MSXdev 2013

MSXdev 2013MSXdev 2013

» Evento: MSXdev

» Fecha: 14/01/2013 al 30/06/2013

» Tipo de evento: Competencia

» Sistemas: msx

» Más información: aquí

The MSXdev'13 has been officially opened and it is here again to bring you a new challenge! We know that MSX developers nowadays have lots of different ways to release their games, but the MSXdev contests are still a nice excuse to bring something fresh to the scene and to compete with other MSX developers along with the evil deadline!

First of all, we have several changes at the contest rules: talking about the file size, this time we will need more pre-design and creativitiy to try to get something cool inside a simple 16KB ROM, as it is the new accepted maximum game size! Lots of nice MSX gems have been developed with this game size, so go ahead and surprise us with that cool and polished mini game you have been thinking of but dare to create.

You can check the whole rules in this thread over at Karoshi forums but these are, in brief, the contest rules highlights:

  • Games should run on a plain MSX1 and be compatible with higher generations.
  • ROM format with a maximum size of 16KB ROM (16KB RAM)
  • Prizes are back! Be sure to check the sponsors and donations threads at Karoshi MSX Community to contribute with your donation for the main pize or to set an special sponsorized challenge as previous MSXdev editions!
  • Vote system will be public at a Karoshi MSX Community voting thread, and users will be able to set points to their three bests.

From now on you have until 15th June (5 months) to create your thread and upload your entry, to set your sponsorship or to donate for the main prize. You can support the MSXdev on many ways: as a developer, donor, user who votes on games, or just spreading the word out there. MSXers of the world: The MSXdev is back!!