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The History of U.S. Gold (PREORDER)

The History of U.S. Gold (PREORDER)

› Publicado: 2015

› Tipo: Libros

› Idioma: Inglés

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PREORDER (out Autumn 2015) : The book, 'The Story of U.S. Gold', will be 200+ pages in length and finished to the very same high standard adopted for 'The History of Ocean Software' publication (the same printing company is going to be used).

The U.S. Gold logo on the front cover will be embossed making the book a desirable addition to any gaming fan or book collector.

The book will talk to the developers of U.S. Gold's successful releases - titles such as Beach Head, Impossible Mission and Summer Games as well as arcade conversions like Outrun, Tapper, Spy Hunter and Strider. The book will also explore the creation and running of 'Centresoft' - a company owned by U.S. Gold that became the largest distribution centre of games in the UK - Ocean Software was their biggest customer.

Artwork and never before seen photographs will be littered throughout the book.