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Episodio 121 - Sultan's Maze y Capitán Sevilla con Enrique Colinet

Cepeceros Podcast Episodio 121 - Sultan's Maze y Capitán Sevilla con Enrique Colinet

Canal de Cepeceros Podcast

Publicado el 18/04/21

Bienvenidos a Cepeceros, un podcast en Mode 0 para amantes del píxel ladrillo. En esta ocasión nos acompaña Enrique Colinet, con quien repasamos dos clásicos como Sultan's Maze y Capitán Sevilla. Conoceremos la relación personal de nuestro invitado con ambos juegos y que recuerdos y sensaciones le despierta.

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- Twitter: @cepeceros.

Toda la info sobre los juegos y nuestro invitado en nuestra web: https://www.cepeceros.com

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Podcast Episode #114​ - Piepacker

Scene World Podcast Episode #114​ - Piepacker

Canal de Scene World

Publicado el 18/04/21

We interview Benjamin Devienne from Piepacker - a new free social gaming platform that allows users to play officially licensed retrogames with friends online!
Piepacker provides access to games that have been featured on a variety of platforms: arcade machines, NES, Super NES, Saturn, Mega Drive, NeoGeo and PlayStation with more to come.
Piepacker has partnerships with publishers Codemaster, Team 17 and Interplay and indies like Bitmap Bureau or Morphcat. The catalog continues to grow with plans to add modern indie as well as original exclusive cards and board games - among the available titles are the iconic Worms World Party, Earthworm Jim 1 + 2, Xeno Crisis and Micro Mages.
Listen to some very interesting insights...
Interview starts at 15:49