The Story of the ZX Spectrum in Pixels VOLUME 2

The Story of the ZX Spectrum in Pixels VOLUME 2

› Publicado: 2015

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The book, 'The Story of the ZX Spectrum in Pixels Volume 2', will be 236 pages in length and finished to the very same high standard as Volume 1 and the History of Ocean books. The ' Sinclair' logo on the front cover will be embossed making the book a desirable addition to any gaming fan or book collector

The book will be predominantly a visual journey charting a further 85 best games on the ZX Spectrum from 1982 onwards until the early 90's. Each spread will contain a large iconic image of the game and be accompanied by artwork from the inlay, the game's advertisement where available and further game screens showing the loading screen, menu etc.

We will also be talking to and interviewing 12 programmers, artists and musicians to get their view on the Spectrum and how it helped launch their careers into gaming.