RedPill Capacitor Amiga Party 2017 Recapped

RedPill Capacitor Amiga Party 2017 Recapped

» Fecha: 25/11/2017 al 26/11/2017

» Tipo de evento: Competencia

» Lugar: Málaga, España

» Más información: aquí

This is a multiparty, you can go with your favorite retro computer (Amiga, C64, MSX, Atari, Spectrum, Amstrad…). There are 4 competitions: MUSIC, GRAPHICS, DEMOS and GAMES. You can participate in the contest EVEN if you are not at the Party. Please send your work to the Capacitor Party email ( BEFORE the timelimit (November 25th, 12:00 hours Spain Time -midday-).
- It MUST work on a real retro computer system (not an amulation).
- It MUST be NEW stuff not presented at any other place.
- Games and Demos can be programmed using any language including RedPill, Amos, DemoMaker, assembler, CP/M… All is valid.
- The winners will be chosen by the public.