#msxdev Compo 2012

#msxdev Compo 2012#msxdev Compo 2012

» Evento: #msxdev

» Fecha: 01/01/2012 al 31/12/2012

» Tipo de evento: Competencia

» Sistemas: msx

» Lugar: Todo el mundo, Países Bajos

» Más información: aquí

Recién entrado el año, aquí tenemos un nuevo concurso, #msxdev Compo, para todos aquellos que quieran ponerse a desarrollar más allá de las limitaciones de los MSX de primera generación. La iniciativa parte de MSX Banzai! y permite presentar tanto juegos como aplicaciones, demos, etc. Se puede usar cualquier lenguaje de programación, sin limitaciones técnicas y exprimiendo al máximo las capacidades del estándar. Todo en aras de facilitar a las mentes más creativas el desarrollo de sus proyectos e ideas.

Las reglas ya se pueden consultar, y el plazo de participación termina el 30 de noviembre.

Desde aquí nos haremos eco de las novedades que se vayan produciendo al respecto.

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The rules are carefully crafted to provide healthy competition and tries to promote finished products with as much freedom in choices as possible, while allowing a period of exclusive commercial distribution. While these have been written and reviewed by #msxdev visitors, it's possible we overlooked something important. Because this year is the first time, good ideas will still be considered and flaws can be fixed. This also means that if you have any questions about the interpretation of the rules, that you can contact us. They will then be answered on this site. Additionally, the rules and guidelines for fair judging of different types of software still need to be written, so ideas are welcome!


  • MSX, MSX2, MSX2+ and MSXturboR may be supported or required, but software for lower MSX generations must also run on higher generation hardware.
  • Software that only runs on emulators or FPGA implementations is disqualified.
  • Common hardware expansions such as Memory Mappers, SCC, MSX-MUSIC or Gfx9000 may be supported or required.
  • Uncommon hardware may not be required and will not be considered for judging.
  • Software may require common MSX operating software such as BASIC'n or MSX-DOS.


  • Software must not have been released previously.
  • Software must have original programming; ie. hacks of existing games are not allowed.
  • Ripped graphics or music are discouraged and will be penalised as the judges see fit.


  • Software may be submitted as .ROM, .DSK, .CAS/WAV or loose files, and must be accompanied by a manual or readme.
  • Registration closes November 30th. All participants must submit a working development snapshot at this time or cancel their participation.
  • The final deadline is December 31st 23:59 GMT+1. Software submitted after this time rolls over to the next competition, which opens registration on January 1st.


  • Software will be published for free download on the competition website no sooner than when the competition closes in the first week of January.
  • Software is not allowed to be publicly downloadable during the competition.
  • Software may be released on physical cartridge, diskette or cassette at any time during the competition, but this must be the same version that enters the competition.
  • Selling improved or extended versions after the competition is strongly discouraged. The competition is not an advertising platform!


  • Each participant judges the other participants' entries. Tactical voting is not allowed.
  • Requirements must be taken into account; eg. great use of weak hardware should be more appreciated than poor use of powerful hardware.
  • Additional voting will take place on the public #msxdev IRC channel.
  • The organization may appoint an independant expert judge if it deems this necessary.
  • The deadline for judging is January 31st. Results will be published in the first week of February.


  • Any prizes are to be donated by the community.
  • Sponsors may attach conditions to their donated prize, but for the sake of building a balanced prize pot, it is encouraged to donate unconditionally.
  • The competition organization can hold prizes in escrow if this is deemed practical, but is not responsible for the awarding of prizes by individual sponsors.
  • Prizes are awarded as soon as possible after the judging results are published.


  • Blatant disregard for the spirit of the rules may result in punitive measures in current or future competitions.