SEUCK Game Creation Compo [Reino Unido]

SEUCK Game Creation Compo
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SEUCK Game Creation Compo es un evento de Reino Unido.

Imagine going back in time to 1987. The shoot 'em up Construction Kit by Jon Hare and Chris Yates of Sensible Software was officially published back then, through Palace Software, then later re-released by Gremlin Graphics. There was also a toolbox release for those of you who bought the Light Fantastic package back in the early 1990's. This was the version I had for my Birthday during Christmas day.

Background information about the tool:

The Shoot Em Up Construction Kit,, or as we call it S.E.U.C.K is a fantastic utility in which allows you create your very own shoot 'em ups. Unlike some game makers in the past, such as Gary Kitchen's Game Maker, Arcade Game Construction Kit, which were full of multi-load options. SEUCK had a a large series of options to allow you to create and develop your own C64 shoot 'em ups, but only with limitations. You didn't need programming knowledge to create your games either. The games could only use a vertical scrolling and still timed landscapes. The front end editor allowed you to use either still colours or scrolling raster bars. The char editor allowed you to customize your own char set to design your own text chars or make hi-hires logos and construct those on to your SEUCK game title screen.

There has been a huge cult of SEUCK games hitting the world since the birth of the editor. Many games were pretty rushed and played terrible. There had been communities of SEUCK lovers, who support the editor, and also a minority of individuals who dislike SEUCK.

In 2008, Jon Wells created the Sideways scrolling Shoot 'Em up Construction Kit, in which used the original SEUCK engine and scrolled the the background horizontally, instead of vertically.

The SEUCK compo was first launched in 2003, and since the relaunch of the previous competitions. The SEUCK compo has become a success. Yet again we are doing it yet again.

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