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Plus/4 World : The Götz-Tobias Heger Collection 3/4 [source]

We're keeping a perfect step with this multiple parts' big release, so why breaking the flow? Let's go ahead, reaching the 3rd quarter's giveaway of the Götz-Tobias "GeTE" Heger colllection's update, with brand new programs absolutely unseen before.You know what we mean: it's a demos, utilities and games/cracks affair. So let's underline some of the new entries. The TTL crack of the seminal Mercenary - Flucht Aus Targ is certainly a historical one to point out: he's one of the VIPs in the ancient German scene, and anything from him has to be considered as pure mythology; Intro (Roby YU) is the first and apparently only demo by Roby YU, it's a cracktro used to be spreaded as first loading of his collections; we've got several original versions of entries we only had as modified or cracked programs: Rocket Man, Shaolin, WSYS, Schatztaucher; Textverarbeitung, the most common type-in about 80 columns text typing, has now been covered in all the known versions which have been around in the heydays of the listing magazines; other bits include the Andreas Bachler's softography addons, an ancient Turbo Tape Copy V1.5 by KMS that looks quite old, a Notemaker Preview which has never reached the alpha release, and more.No more lazy talking, let's spit out the solid complete list for this 3rd wave, waiting the last forthcoming one in the next days: Kundenrechnungen, WSYS (complete D64), Textverarbeitung (alternative), Textprogramm, The Final Deleter (V3.3), Trace (Compute Mit), Text 80, Type, Turbo-Cursor, Superdat (original), Schraffieren, Soundhelfer, Soundmachine, Speichersplit, Multi-disk (Sprenger Software) (1541/1551), Turbo Tape Copy V1.5, Psychedelia (crack), RAM-Deleter (2 versions), Vokabeltrainer, Vokabelstar, The Disc Wizard (TSG), Maniax (crack), Monty On The Run (crack), Mr. Puniverse (crack), Mercenary - Flucht Aus Targ (crack), NASA, Osterei-Sucherei, Paperboy (crack), Pferderennen, Phantom (German) (crack), Pilot 1, Pilot In Space, Platform Diving (alternative), Poker (Tronic), Quiwi (crack), Rocket Man (original), Return Of Rockman (crack), Shaolin (original), Schatztaucher (original), Skat (Tronic), Safeguard (crack), Greet Demo '90, Hier Kommt Alex, Intro 1989, Intro (Roby YU), Kung Fu Fighting (Micro Maniac), Notemaker Preview, Playmate Show 1, Raster-Demo.