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Plus/4 World : The Götz-Tobias Heger Collection 2/4 [source]

Oh well, still so much meat on the bbq, so why waiting further time to face the new big wave of programs for this series. It's a one-two attack in the vey center of the ring, and you don't have to tighten your high guard, the 2nd quarter of the Götz-Tobias "GeTE" Heger collection's gran riserva is already here!Again, more utilities, more demos, more games from nowhere. Picked up from this massive update, spotlights on to some selecteded ones: Demo '89 is a little onefilre from Men Of Science we've missed somewhat, look at that juicy DYPP; Dual Drive Utility Program is the oldest known release from Mr. L, and it looks like the grandpa of the succeeding Double Drive Filecopy; finally, a clean and original release of the colorful type-in Marble Madness, and this allowed to add the ending too; a 16K version of Japan Sea has surfaced, and it has its own TED tune instead of the questionable digitized voice of the bigger version; Pigmy didn't remember this, but there was a Basic demo released with his Digital Drums, and now we have it on the same D64; let's continue to add several cracks from quite obscure German labels, plus TSG himself has preserved his cracktros alone (a cracktro is a demo put as standalone in a cracks' collection), but we've also found the single release of a rare crack intro from The Bitsoft LTD. (a crack intro is a demo packed with a cracked program).Thank you again Tobias, it's just because of you that the follow new programs are now saved from the dust of time: Data-Maker, DD Backup C16, Debugger V1.1, Der C64 Als Magier, Disk-Butler V3.0, Disksorter, Disksorter 5-Spalti, Disksorter (Compiled), Disksorter V3.5, Krussoft-Disksorter, Ligatabelle, Diskstart, Disk-Start, Druck '89 V1.0, Dual Drive Utility Program, Data-Base, Digital Drums (with demo), Double Screen, Demo Writer V1.3, Getsetreg, Haushalt-Konten, Laufschrift, Mastercopy V2.1, Menue-Generator, Tex Willer, Feindfahrt U 107 (crack), Fighting Warrior (crack), Fingers Malone (crack), Fussballmanager, Ghosts 'n Goblins (crack), Gridtrap (crack), Goldrush (crack), Hang Man, Indoor Sports (crack), Invincible (crack), Japan Sea (C16 version), Jetbrix (hack), Jumper (alternative), Kaiser (LWM), Leaper (disk), Legionnaire (crack), Marble Madness (original D64), Bytesoft Intro, C64 Picture Show, Compacted Intros, Camera, CD Intro Preview, Cheap Trial, Demo-Ruckeln, Demo '89, Dallas (Demo), Disco In Moskau.