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Circuit Dude - Tile-based puzzler with 100 levels of fun via Steam! [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

Jonathan Holmes (crait) recently gave us a shout to tell us that his challenging but fun top-down, tile based puzzler of ' Circuit Dude ' is on Steam and might be worth your time to give it a go and put your brain and skills to the test. Featuring 100 levels of crazy circuit chips and buttons and over 12 hours of gameplay, you must help Circuit Dude build his ultimate secret invention by 

Giana-Sisters 30th Anniversary Preview - A glorious C64 celebration of Giana Sisters [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

We've certainly heard a lot about that famous platformer the Great Giana Sisters from 1987, especially as it came back to the Amiga as a Giana Special Edition by Reimagine Games and then of course the Great Giana-Sisters Construction-Set, whereby you can create your own levels. But this latest release as Giana-Sisters 30th Anniversary Preview on the C64 by The-Seven-A-Three, is something of a

Super Hydorah - Locomalito's fabulous Shoot em up is coming via Steam today! [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

Awesome news as Locomalito, the same designer behind such games as the fantastic Ghouls 'n Ghosts style game of Maldita Castilla, and the ZX Spectrum look alike Platformer of l'Abbaye des Morts will be releasing his most anticipated game of ' Super Hydorah ' via Steam today! A game I've been looking forward has also been in development by Gryzor87, published by Abylight, and will feature high

Marco! - An unreleased Amiga Jump'n Run game previewed by Per-Ola Eriksson [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

In 2009 an EAB member by the name of mai came across an unreleased game called 'Marco!', created by Thrustware - Kaiko for the Amiga. It was uploaded to the EAB Zone and is classed as a jump and shoot platformer and was coded by Kai Marcel Teuber, graphics by Marc and music/sfx by Rainer Schef. In the game you play a duck that must traverse across a platform landscape, while wearing a diaper

Death Squared Review – Nintendo Switch [Australian Retro Gamer] [[source]]

Death Squared broke me. Now, I don’t mean broke as in a “made me break stuff” kind of way. Rather that on multiple occasions Death Squared reduced me to a near-blubbering mess of a person struggling to comprehend just how I’d solve the puzzle facing me. Yet eventually I’d overcome it, but that fleeting euphoria […]

Speccy Homebrew Games #2 [Red Parsley] [[source]]

Circuitry (2017)
By: John Blythe / Rucksack Games Genre: Platform Players: 1 Difficulty: Medium
Featured Version: ZX Spectrum First Day Score: ???,???

Splendid loading screens always make a game better...
When I first started this feature a few months back I thought I was pretty lucky to find a single-screen platformer to start it off - they are one of my favourite types of game after all - so imagine how happy I was to find another such example just recently! This one was made by John Blythe, a.k.a. Rucksack Games, using Jonathan Cauldwell's Arcade Game Designer and casts you as Nan'O'Bot, a tiny robotic AI which you must use to infiltrate the mainframe of Revanox, the R&D branch of military contractor SecuriCorp, and save as much of their data as possible from a rogue AI activated by a heinous hacker before Revanox cut their losses and pull the plug. This is done by hopping around twenty appropriately-themed single screen stages, each of which features two 'data packets' which come in the form of floppy discs (both 3.25" and 5.25" varieties) or cassettes. Hopefully these are just symbolic though - I'd hate to think of an R&D dept using such outdated storage media nowadays!

All you need to do, then, is collect these antiquated discs and tapes and get to the exit before doing the same again. Naturally though, even divided into twenty screen-sized chunks, this mainframe isn't the easiest place to get around. The stages, which are made up of circuits, chips, resistors, and all manner of other electrical bits and pieces, are craftily designed, with most forcing poor old Nan'O'Bot to clamber around every part of them to achieve his goal. Surprisingly, given the somewhat time-sensitive nature of the task at hand, there is no time limit either, so you can take things at your own pace - particularly handy when you're faced with one of the numerous enemies that are also found prowling back and forth on each screen. These life-sapping miscreants include malicious blocks of binary code, scary sparky electrical things, and even Space Invaders, Pac-Men, and best of all - Horace!

Much like the games from which it takes its inspiration such as Manic Miner and Monty Mole, the star of Circuitry has no offensive abilities and must instead rely on our skill and timing. Thankfully, control of him is quick and responsive and the collision-detection is accurate. The stages are great too - good fun but challenging as well. The difficulty seems a little unbalanced now and then and some sections require a little trial-and-error but overall it's fine. Happily, rounding off the package is some really nice presentation. The same graphical theme is unsurprisingly used throughout but it does look great - there's a lovely loading screen, the sprites and colourful level graphics are superb including lots of nice touches, and the design is creative and suits the style well. Extra detail is available with the 128k version too, which also includes some splendid in-game music. It really is a lovely little game. I'm confident it would have been well received as a full release back in the day but even all these years later it proves an enjoyable, addictive, and charming platformer, and it's free too!

RKS Score: 8/10

Check out John Blythe's clip of Circuitry below. If you like the look of it, download it for free here.


The Unofficial Gameboy Jam - Another game development jam in a Game Boy style [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

If you've had enough of ZX Spectrum games and want something fresh to experience, then you'll be pleased to know we have recently been informed that The Unofficial Gameboy Jam is now finished and there are 38 rather cool gameboy styled games to play. Just as in the case of the official #gbjam, developers from around the world came forward and created lots of lovely GameBoy themed games in the

Commodore 64C Replacement Case (SX-64 Style) [nIGHTFALL] [[source]]

Commodore 64C Replacement Case (SX-64 Style) The Commodore C64C replacement case is very nice like the original one. There are some imperfections in the plastic and in the painting phase, anyway i don’t look for the perfection. who is perfect ? :D … so if you are not looking for the absolute perfection, i would [...]

The Lost Vikings (Amiga CD32) [Retro Treasures] [[source]]

Developed by Silicon & Synapse before it went on and became Blizzard The Lost Vikings is a clever, innovative, and great looking puzzle-platformer. Also, anyone are interested in the Amiga CD32 version of the game should have a look at this The Lost Vikings (Amiga CD32) eBay auction. It comes in a jewel case with CD and manual.  

Seller ships worldwide.

Duncan - A rare dungeon crawler, you might not have heard of [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

Per-Ola Eriksson has once again been trawling the internet looking for unreleased games and this time he has come across a rather unusual Amiga game that not only have I never seen before, but it's a dungeon crawler, one of my favourite style of genre. Titled as 'Duncan' and was due to be released for the Amiga, this game was an in-development RPG with golden overtones in a strange land by a

Hoxs64 Commodore 64 Emulator Updated v1.0.9.4 [nIGHTFALL] [[source]]

Hoxs64 written by David Horrocks is a Commodore 64 emulator for Microsoft Windows 2K/XP/Vista/Seven (DirectX 9+) The emulator substantially reproduces this legacy machine in minute detail. Changelog: CIA serial and CNT timing improvements thanks to test programs written by Mariusz. Added VIC-II colour palette user configuration dialog box. Added command line options (see hoxs64.txt) to [...]

CBM prg Studio v3.11.0 released [nIGHTFALL] [[source]]

CBM prg Studio Version 3.11.0 is released. There are a lot of new features in this version. I’d really appreciate it if you report any bugs you find or have any suggestions/comments. CBM prg Studio allows you to type a BASIC or Machine Code program in using a nice Windows environment and convert it to a [...]

The Caribbean Sail - Nautical game inspired by Oregon Trail classic releases tomorrow! (19th Sept) [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

This is great news if you were a huge fan of the 8-bit Apple II frontier game ' Oregon Trail ', as we've recently been told by Victorian Clambake that their upcoming game ' The Caribbean Sail ', will be released tomorrow on Steam in celebration of  Talk Like a Pirate Day. A game which is inspired by that golden classic ended up as a Steam Greenlight success, and as from tomorrow you'll be

Gimmick! Yumetaro Odyssey - In dev ZX Spectrum title inspired by other classic games [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

As many of you are aware by now the ZX-DEV Conversions compo is still ongoing and gives you the opportunity to create awesome games as a conversion from other games from other platforms, such as movies,cartoons, books and even comics to the ZX Spectrum. Once such game that is known as ' Gimmick! Yumetaro Odyssey' by greenwebsevilla, really caught my eye, as not only is it based on the 1992