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The FUSION 2020 Annual - Bi-monthly FUSION magazine in the form of a fantastic annual! [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

From the early part of last year, we have been giving you multiple heads up regarding a great gaming magazine called ' Fusion ', which is a magazine which features not just gaming news from Indie and Retro but also Handhelds and even Table Tops ( Bit like us really but in magazine form :p ). Well you'll be pleased to know if you missed out on any of the issues, or want all the best bits in an

Vambrace: Cold Soul – Nintendo Switch Review [Australian Retro Gamer] [[source]]

Face the frost fall and seek answers in Vambrace: Cold Soul, the latest title from Devespresso and Headup Games for the Nintendo Switch. Vambrace: Cold Soul is both a beautiful and brutal RPG with roguelike elements that will punish and test players looking for a challenge. The city of Icenaire has been put under the […]

MW ULTRA - Covert Bitops creators of Hessian gives us another look at their upcoming C64 game [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

In 2016 Covert Bitops released the brilliant action adventure game of ' Hessian ' for the C64; a game in which we said could've been the game of the year, spanning over 667 screens with high detail, challenging situations and enemies with skilled AI that must either be avoided or shot at. Fast forward to this week however and the same team behind that game has recently announced a new update

Train 3 - The sequel to a very challenging Atari XL/XE game [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

If you're looking for a challenging Atari XL/XE game then you've come to the right place! As thanks to a heads up by Saberman, not only can you still play BAHA SOFTWARE's challenging game of ' Train 2 ', but as from this month they've also announced the release of Train 3 for the Abbuc software contest. The original Train is a port of the Vlak game for IBM PCs from 1993 created by Miroslav

Adventure Ponies - My Little Pony comes to the Atari XL/XE (64K Required) again! [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

Another heads up from Saberman as he recently contacted us, to let us know that Gibstov had released an update to his Atari XL/XE game called ' Adventure Ponies ', which is an Atari 8-bit port of the flashgame "Adventure Ponies" from the Hub network. Now if you want to play a charming game, which would also be good for kids to play, then you'll pleased to know this game is not only family

Wheelie - Riding Motorbikes ZX Spectrum style in a florinthedwarf review! [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

..but what if it doesn't come back? If, like me, you're waaaay too scared to go anywhere near a motorbike, let alone get on one, then Wheelie would have been the closest you would have got to experience the thrill of motorbike racing. Also, like me, you would need to be the same age and have owned a Spectrum when I first started playing this game as otherwise the reference will have been

Wild Chicago visits Williams Electronics [Australian Retro Gamer] [[source]]

This is a cool video from the early 1990s which has the TV show, Wild Chicago visiting the Williams factory. The video shows the making of The Addams Family pinball machine, which also includes a brief chat with Roger Sharpe and Steve Kordek amongst other pinball peeps at Williams. Ed Boon also makes an appearance […]

Brick's Revenge - Bouncing balls in this Arkanoid/Breakout C64 WIP clone [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

The sun is going down fast and it's nearly time to rest, but before that happens we thought it best to mention Amazingly Awful Games upcoming game of ' Brick's Revenge ', which is a clone/inspiration to classic games such as Arkanoid or even Breakout and is coming to a C64 at some point soon.  Now if you remember Arkanoid; an arcade game first developed by Taito in 1986, with the bat like

Keystone Kapers - Another Atari to C64 conversion is coming from Chopper Command team! [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

While many of you had the chance to play the stonkingly good Atari to C64 conversion of Chopper Command by Antonio Savona, Steven Day, Saul Cross and Flemming Martins which was released only recently. It looks as if we will have another game to enjoy in their conversion line up, because as of this weekend we've learnt they are also working on a full Atari to C64 conversion of the 1983 game '

Alone in the Dark - Survival horror classic reviewed by DarkwyndPT [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

Welcome ghouls, ghosts and other things that go bump in the night, to our horror special review. And this evening, we’re going to take a look at one of the games that built the foundations of the survival horror genre: Alone in the Dark. Alone in the Dark is an action-adventure game made by Infogrames and originally released in 1992 for DOS. It was re-released the following year in CD-ROM

Flipout 2019 Ticket Giveaway! [Australian Retro Gamer] [[source]]

Thanks to our friends at Zax Amusements, we are giving away a weekend double pass for two people to enjoy Flipout 2019 on Saturday, October 26 and Sunday, October 27. To be in the running for the Flipout 2019 weekend double pass, all you have to do is post a photo of your favourite pinball […]

Queen's Wish: The Conqueror - The latest RPG release from Spiderweb Software [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

The well known company Spiderweb Software, creators of rpgs such as Avernum and Geneforge have once again put their development hands into another great title, as going by the latest update on their Facebook page, they have announced Queen's Wish: The Conqueror; a brand new chapter in a new series of games whereby you can either serve your queen or rebel using diplomacy, or your combat skills

Lost Patrol - Retro game set during the Vietnam War in 1966 reviewed by Cola Powered Gamer [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

Vietnam War, like all wars in history, is greatly covered in almost all types of media, and video games are no exceptions. Lost Patrol was among the first games that focused on the Vietnam War, but it covered it in a very unique way. Developed by the duo Ian Harding and Simon Cooke (Shadow Development), and released by Ocean Software around Christmas of 1989 (MS-DOS version in 1991), Lost