New Compatible Keycaps for Amiga computers - Campaña KickStarter

New Compatible Keycaps for Amiga computers - Campaña KickStarter

» Fecha: 22/11/2016 al 12/01/2017

» Tipo de evento: Otro

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Make your Amiga keyboard anew and replace your old yellowed keys with a full set of new keycaps. Anti-UV & multi-colored!

The New Amiga Compatible Keycaps fullset

Having a bright and shiny new case for your computer simply isn't enough for it to look as new as it should.
With this project we're now giving you the opportunity to finalize your computer rejuvenated look.

The 108 keycaps set  is going to replace all of your current yellowed and worn keyboard keycaps.
After all these years your computer deserve a touchy lift up.

The fullset is compatible with ALL Amiga classic keyboards.
EXCEPT for the A1000 and some early versions of A2000 or A500 not using Mitsumi Hybrid Switches.
Please check KEYBOARD COMPATIBILITY dedicated section below.

Included Extra Keycaps make the set compatible with A600 and/or ANSI keyboards has it consist of Fat Return key as well as Short Space bar for instance.
And with all these keycaps, springs and plastic clips for special keys are delivered as well for an easy swap-n-replace experience.