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Akalabeth: World of Doom for Commodore 64 [Archeogaming] [[source]]

I'm not dead, neither my experiments and researches have stopped. I'm just, as any good dungeoneer, exploring the depths of the labyrinth. Here's what I have been working on recently.
Finally, after 36 years, with Lord British’s blessing, we are proud to present - in a limited edition disk version (#50 copies only available) - Akalabeth: World of Doom for Commodore 64, based on the original Apple II version.

Akalabeth will be released only on real disk, as it was distributed back in the 1980 by Richard Garriott. However, since the amount of hand numbered copies is extremely small, be quick to order yours by email.

Despite the amount of work dedicated on this conversion, we have no interest in making any profit on it, but we will ask you only to cover our expenses: disk, label, envelope and stamps. The conversion itself, can be copied and distributed freely.

How to order
Order can be placed sending an email to with subject “Akalabeth 64”. After that, a copy number reference and costs will be sent back to you. All payments need to be provided by Paypal after 48 hours your order, otherwise will be cancelled.
Average cost for EU/UK is 5 euro; for USA, Australia, Africa and Asia will probably be slightly more expensive, depending where are you located. If you live outside EU/UK, please specify your location with your order, so we can give the precise cost.

All orders will be processed in the following two weeks after we have received the payment for the expenses.
UPDATE: All 50 numbered copies have been reserved just after 3 hours from the official release. Unfortunately, at the moment, we can't accept any new order. 

Original Code: Richard Garriott
Code and Conversion: Andrea Schincaglia
Idea and Testing: Antonello Molella
Additional Graphics: David Vigh

‘Game Over’ By PES [Australian Retro Gamer] [[source]]

PES recreates 5 classic arcade death sequences with everyday household items in his awesome stop-motion short ‘Game Over’. Source: PES via Archie McPhee ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ms. ausretrogamer Editor and Researcher at ausretrogamer – The Australian Retro Gamer E-Zine. Lover of science fiction, fashion, books, movies and TV. Player of games, old and new. Follow Ms. ausretrogamer on […]

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King [Vintage is the new old] [[source]]

steamworkshop_collection_303435958_collection_brandingWhat is Blossom Tales?

Drawing inspiration from the beloved top-down adventure games we grew up with, Blossom Tales is a refreshing combination of classic Action-RPG gameplay and modern design. Players can expect a one-of-a-kind experience as they explore hand-crafted dungeons that cleverly combine pre-designed layouts and randomized areas, all while using the handy target-lock system to take out specific enemies, lock onto a boss’ weak spot, and interact with puzzle elements and game world objects. The young Lily will also keep players on their toes by occasionally introducing enemies, story events, and more as she helps her Grandpa tell the tale.

Featuring a vibrant world to get lost in, challenging quests to complete, and memorable characters to meet, our hope is for players to feel as though they’ve been transported back to the glorious days when pixelated visuals and chiptune music captivated us for hours on end.

What is the story about?

Always eager to hear stories of heroism and danger, the young Lily asks her Grandpa for another one of his delightful adventures. Unable to resist her adorable plea, the old storyteller begins his tale of a kingdom where a youthful warrior (also named Lily, of course!) had just been initiated into the esteemed Knights of the Rose. However, that same day the evil wizard Crocus placed the King into an everlasting sleep with one of his dreaded spells. Sworn to aid the crown at all costs, Lily must explore dark dungeons, face terrible creatures, and meet many peculiar characters all in hopes of finding the mystical ingredients capable of forming a cure for the King. The future of the Kingdom of Blossom rests on her shoulders!

  • An Unforgettable World — Fierce snow beasts, creepy undead monsters, and cackling witches are a few of the many remarkable characters and menacing foes you’ll meet as you explore abandoned grottos, enchanted forests, and dragon-infested caverns.
  • An Unpredictable Story — Although the tale is being told by Grandpa, you can expect his lively granddaughter to occasionally chime in and affect the game. For instance, a quiet trip through a cemetery can quickly change if little Lily decides that an army of undead should rise and attack!
  • Classic ARPG Gameplay — Zelda being the most obvious inspiration, Blossom Tales offers a fun, familiar experience via an arsenal of unique spells and weapons, dungeons with combat and puzzle challenges, and a rich interconnected world.
  • A One-of-a-Kind Adventure — Blossom Tales will do more than fill you with nostalgia as you enjoy a fresh mix of fun gameplay elements. For example, the handy target-lock system will prove useful to adventurers as they explore dungeons with both randomly-generatad areas and pre-designed layouts, resulting in an adventures that feels unlike any other.
  • Easy To Learn, Fun To Master — Accessible enough for any gamer while also providing enough depth for those seeking a challenge. Whether you grew up with the classics or this is your first ARPG, you’ll be captivated by the engaging gameplay, charming characters, and hard-won rewards.
Core Mechanics:
  • Primary weapon – Classic Sword and Shield combo to hack away foes and block oncoming dangers.
  • Secondary tools – Several weapons and items to discover during your travels, such as a Bow n Arrow, torch, and magical wand.
  • Target-Lock – Keep an eye on an enemy by using the targetting system. Very handy when combined with ranged weapons.
  • Special Abilities – Elemental attacks, sword and shield charge attacks, dash and spinning sword attacks, and more.
  • Puzzles and Dungeons – Solve clever challenges by pushing/pulling blocks and bouncing on surfaces as you traverse enemy-infested dungeons– some of them randomly-generated.

[There is a video that cannot be displayed in this feed. Visit the blog entry to see the video.]

Source: Steam Greenlight

The Mojon Twins Release ‘Yun’ Brand New Nintendo NES Platformer! [Vintage is the new old] [[source]]

yun-01Once again hailing from the depths of Spain, The Mojon Twins are back with another stellar homebrew release. Yun is the newest platformer to hit the Nintendo NES, and best of all it has been released online for free.

The game puts you in control of bubble blowing demon tasked with filling the pantry of its sushi restaurant. This unusual and quirky narrative is nothing new where The Mojon Twins are concerned, and if anything is a reminder of the sometimes bizarre plots the 8-bit genre brought about.

Like many of The Mojon Twins’ titles, Yun is yet another game which you’d expect to see sold on a physical cartridge. Packed to the brim with fantastic 8-bit visuals and a catchy soundtrack, its gameplay is a unique combination drawing inspiration from both Bubble Bobble and Metroid, with a gotta catch ‘em all experience your interested in playing this brand new release, you can download and play it on your nes flashcart or favourite NES Emulator :)

Download: mojon-twins–yun.nes

Raid Over Moscow – Unfinished Prototype Amiga Port! [Vintage is the new old] [[source]]

a9aqTURA partly complete port of Raid Over Moscow (using Adrian Cumming’s art and coded in Blitz Basic)

We have some interesting News we found today over on the English Amiga Boards.
EAB Moderator earok has released an Unfinished Prototype Amiga port of the game Raid Over Moscow.

– Only a few levels. Hangar, Defence and Map screens are done. It’s completely missing the Scrolling Approach, Kremlin, Reactor and end cut-scene.
– Completely unoptimized. There’s no usage of hardware sprites, text rendering is done much more often than actually needed etc. As such, the Hangar screen runs sluggishly on a 68000 (it’s OK on a 68020).
– No sound effects
– Done within extremely tight time constraints at a gamedev event, so it’s very unrefined.
– Two button pad (no keyboard support). Button 1: Shoot. Climb in the Hangar scene, Button 2: Switch to Hangar from the Map scene. Open doors in Hangar.



earok also mentions that If there’s any demand, he may finish it off one day.
You can download this and try it yourself from the link below. ADF Image, CD32 ISO and the basic files are included.

Source: English Amiga Board

YAPE 1.0.10 [Plus/4 World] [[source]]

Coders never go on holiday, and they need safe and versatile tools for their tasks! That's the reason why Gaia just released YAPE version 1.0.10 in the season of sundowns over the sea and fires on the shore at midnight.This time, some of the most ancient bugs have to say bye forever:- show subfolders as type CBM in IEC/filesystem mode;- implemented monitor watchpoint/breakpoint ranges;- watchpoint context displayed when hit;- improved speedometer to cater for non-standard, longer frames;- occasionally stuck joystick states when emulated thru the keyboard fixed (long outstanding bug!);- uninitialized variable in a newly optimized part of SID engine patched;- digitized palette in non-CRT mode fixed;- rasterline counter overflow fix;- weird and random save PRG dialog crash fixed.Download it from the official page.

Nintendo’s ‘NES Classic Edition’ official video shows how the games will look on HD display [Vintage is the new old] [[source]]

[There is a video that cannot be displayed in this feed. Visit the blog entry to see the video.]

The ‘NES Classic Edition’ is causing a commotion in the retro gaming community. While it is “not da saaame” as playing on the original hardware, the modern minified version is on the Christmas list of *everybody* probably because it is from Nintendo and it looks exactly like the original console.

However, according to a recent article on ArsTechnica, many users were worried about the quality of the game when played on an HD screen. The problem is that recent classic re-releases on Nintendo Virtual Console for Wii U were a bit disappointing due to unmatching colors and blurry images.

To put everybody at ease, Nintendo has released an official video featuring the ‘NES Classic Edition’ and showing how the games actually look like in HD. Compared to ArsTechica pictures that show the original game vs Virtual console versions, the video clearly proves the improvements that the NES Classic Edition is bringing.

I am certainly excited with the console. The price seems fair and the game selection is very good. Of course, there are always something that they should’ve added but that is how things are – not everybody will be happy with everything :)

Source: ArsTechnica