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Richard's C64 blog! : Busy bee! [[source]]

24th April 2014

It has been a bit quiet here on the production front recently due to being extremely busy. I am still awaiting new graphics for the game.  Anyway, some more good news related to Honey Bee. I am back on track with programming of this C64 game.

Today I have been working on an indicator to check whether or not the bee has cleared all the pollen, before it can drop it. The indicator consists of the bee hive in the status bar. I programmed some subroutines which disables the player from using the fire button, if not enough plants were picked up. The fire button is then re-enabled if no pollen are in any of the flowers. The bee hive then flashes - to indicate the screen is clear. The player must then make its way to the hive, and drop the pollen into the entrance of the hive.

Although that is the actual goal. I came up with another idea. Since the player picks up the pollen and has to carry it all the way to the hive (once all flowers are empty). What if the player drops the pollen in the wrong place and loses it. I have a cunning plan. Actually it works. I added a routine, which will check whether or not the pollen is dropped inside the game area. If the player drops it where it should not fall. Then a FAIL message will appear on screen. The player will then have to start the whole level all over again, without losing any lives.

The idea works pretty well, still some more things to do. Although I got the lives counter working. I need to set up routines for the bonus time, and also the scoring counter. This will be done soon, but not today. Of course.

I am also awaiting the finalized versions of Ste's new background/charset graphics. I saw a preview of the ground/rocks graphics, and I really love them. They look stunning. Once the graphics are finished I will then be ready for level designs.

Retro Treasures : Captain Blood (C64) [[source]]

Captain Blood, the surreal and utterly brilliant French sci-fi epic, is a singularly unique game that couldn't have aged more gracefully. Happily, you can buy the complete, boxed, disk-based version of the game for your Commodore 64 via this Captain Blood eBay auction. Seller ships worldwide.

Australian Retro Gamer : STACK Magazine Feature: Video Game Collecting [[source]]


It is always great to see that our video gaming hobby (Ed: It’s really our passion!) get its just desserts in mainstream media. When STACK Magazine contacted us to contribute to a feature about video game collecting, we didn’t hesitate.

You can read the article in the April issue of STACK magazine, which you can pick up for free at your local JB Hi-Fi store, or you can check it out online.

More ausretrogamer and retro gaming in the media at CNET and Nintendo Life!

Hooray for retro gaming!


Retro Treasures : 10 Quintessential ZX Spectrum Games [[source]]

The ZX Spectrum, the micro that gave birth to the first indie development community in Europe and some of the most important classics, is a machine that simply cannot age. Over 10,000 games have been developed for it, dozens are being released each year and, well, here are 10 classic 8-bit games that really helped define it.
3D Deathchase
Requiring a measly 16k of RAM this is a game that has topped countless of best Spectrum games lists and is considered a true and undisputed classic. What's more, 3D Deathchase hasn't aged a day and remains an addictive and engrossing recreation of the speed-biking-on-Endor scenes from Star Wars, as well as an impressive 3D graphics showcase.
Find it over at and

As far as arcade ports go, R-Type is the most accomplished one to ever appear on Sinclair's micro. It's fast, as faithful to the original as it gets and looks stunning, while remaining one of the best horizontally scrolling shoot-'em-ups ever created. 
Find it over at and

Chaos: The Battle of Wizards
Before X-Com, Julian Gollop had designed a multitude of instant classics, though none came close to the uniqueness of Chaos; a highly tactical game that let you control a wizard and cast spells in an attempt to crush other wizards. Said spells could summon monsters, create illusions of monsters, dispel illusions, directly attack things and, above all, change the state of the battlefield itself. 
Find it over at and

Head Over Heels
The pinnacle of the isometric arcade adventure, Jon Ritman's Head Over Heeals, is a cartoon-esque brain teaser that lets you control two outrageously named characters (Head and Heels, obviously) who can combine into a single, ludicrous entity. Puzzle solving skills aside, this is a game that requires some dextrous maneuvering too. 
Find it over at and

Manic Miner
Behold the best 2D platform game of all time (well, according to this humble blog)! The surreal, tough, pixel-perfect, at times hilarious and subtly puzzle-y Manic Miner. It really is a perfect game, you know, and one that should take you many hours and many deaths at the hands of gaming's most bizarre baddies to finally beat. It's Matthew Smith's magnum opus. 
Find it over at and

Knight Lore
Ultimate Play The Game shocked everyone with the release of Knight Lore and single-handedly created a new hit genre with its smart, 3D-ish Filmation engine. The game may seem a tad simplistic (albeit charmingly so) today, but everything from Head Over Heels and Get Dexter to Gunfright and Abadia del Crimen owes a debt to Knight Lore. Oh, and Sabreman's transformation to a werewolf remains as cute as ever.
Find it over at and

No other gaming platform had as many working class heroes as the ZX Spectrum and Trashman is a fine example of how brilliant a game about ordinary people can be. It's unique, lovely to look at, smart, hectic, addictive, demanding and far more interesting than any super-hero fantasy you'd care to mention.
Find it over at and

Deus Ex Machina
Accompanied by audio tracks on tape, Deus Ex Machina was Automata's most ambitious and meaningful game. A wonderful assortment of mini games tied together with a strong, dystopian narrative, an amazing soundscape and unique aesthetics that failed to become a hit, but helped define a more artful approach to game design.
Find it over at and

The Hobbit
Text-adventures were big during the 8-bit era, but The Hobbit by Beam Software was simply huge. Based on Tolkien's classic, it sported numerous technological innovations (including a advanced parser and proto-AI driven characters), great writing, smart puzzles, evocative illustrations and a lot of singing about gold. Oh, and it did usually ship complete with a hefty manual and the original book. 
Find it over at and

Skool Daze
Skool Daze: the ultimate fantasy of any '80s schoolkid simulated via the magic of computers! Seriously though, this open world simulator let you run amok in an excellently illustrated school building in order to eventually, uhm, liberate and "fix" your report card, while torturing teachers, attending classes, playing with that catapult of yours and avoiding getting lines. Getting to name the staff and write on blackboards were fantastic extras too.
Find it over at and

Retro Treasures : One Bandai Playdia in a box [[source]]

Released exclusively in Japan in 1994, the Playdia by Bandai was a CD-ROM based console focused on younger audiences; hence its toy-like appearance and the (relative) abundance of kids-friendly software such as Dragon Ball Z and Hello Kitty. Then again, why not discover more about it by grabbing this lovely, boxed Playdia off of eBay. It comes complete with manual, controller, power unit and all the required cables and things to get it playing. Seller ships worldwide.

Australian Retro Gamer : EB Games Expo 2014 [[source]]


Get excited gamers! Tickets to EB Games Expo 2014 go on sale tomorrow (April 24, 10AM AEST)!

Australia’s biggest video gaming event caters for all gamers, from the modern to retro! I can’t wait to check out the Retro Central Park Freeplay City area which will be run by our very good friends, Weird and Retro.


If you are in Sydney and are free between October 3 – 5, then you should get yourself down to the Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park precinct  for one heck of a weekend! If you are from interstate or overseas, then I hope this event tempts you to come to Sydney! Hope to see you there!

All images sourced from and remain the property of: EB Games Expo 2014


Plus/4 World : Tamed/Plus4 [[source]]

Chronos/ACW released a new picture today: check out Tamed! The picture is based on Exupéry's book "The Little Prince", and was drawn on C64 by Jailbird (who gave his blessing for this conversion). Check it out and enjoy!

Commodore is awesome : WinUAE 2.8.0 beta 17 [[source]]

- Debugger breakpoints work again. (b14)
– Full CPUSHA/CPUSHL/CPUSHP disassembly implemented.
– Integer scale mode compatibility improved with programmed display modes.
– Integer scale mode changes Filter panel zoom slider range to -99 to 99 and is used to adjust integer scaling calculation. For example -10 means if next largest scaling factor is selected even if display height is 10% too big to fit normally. (This was implemented already but it didn’t work properly)
– Fixed fill_line() top/bottom background line drawing buffer overflow in some programmed modes.
– Some programmed modes had single short background colored line in left horizontal blanking area.
– Command line (or icon doubleclick) loaded config didn’t reset previously loaded config (default.uae, if it existed)
– Emulated more Fat Gary address regions that are unmapped (CIA is same as Gayle, upper 32k in clock space and Gary register space are unmapped, 0xdf0000-0xdf7fff is also unmapped)
– Emulate Fat Gary invalid address space access timeout if Gary timeout bit is set, first 50 timeouts are always logged. To prevent last moment stupid bugs or bug reports, delay is not yet enabled.


Commodore is awesome : Revision 2014: C64 – Official demo party results [[source]]

rev2014This is the official demo party results (C64 Only) from Revision 2014. See also the official homepage for more informations.

C64 4K Intro:
  • 3 – Back in the Saddle by Razor 1911.

C64 Game:

  • 2 – Immensity – Revision 2014 Edition by Dév.

WiLD Demo:

  • 1 – 10 Orbyte by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated.
Mixed Graphics:
  • 3 – Animal Reign Part III by Made
  • 4 – Lost in the Forest of Owls by Chorus, Resource, Singular.
  • 5 – Party Train Incoming – Mind the GAP by Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated.
  • 6 – Social Net by Arsenic, Oxyron.
  • 8 – Devil or Angel? by Resource.
  • 9 – The Demoparty Is in the Blue Phase by Rabenauge
  • 10 – Unicorn by Digital Demolition Krew
  • 11 – Der Verweigerer by The Dreams
Mixed Music:
  • 2 – Dekadance by Darklite.
  • 4 – Spiral Silicon Towers by Panda Design.
  • 5 – Specular Highlight by Lft.
  • 9 – Fuzzy Brawl by Edge of Panic.
Mixed Demo:
  • 3 – Redefinition by Fairlight, Offence.
  • 6 – Panopticon by Brainstorm, Traction.
Download: Revision 2014 Party stuff
Source: CSDb,

RGCD/Retro Gamer CD : Psyboarfunk / The Game Is Apaw! Poster Set Available! [[source]]

The first of a planned series of posters from a variety of C64 artists, RGCD present two stunning limited edition A2 prints of Ilija "iLKke" Melentijević's recent artwork; Psyboarfunk and The Game Is Apaw!

Originally released in an unfinished state at the Syntax 2013 demoparty in Melborne (where it achieved 2nd place in the Mixed Graphics compo), Psyboarfunk is a C64 multicolour rework of an old four-colour piece by Ilija. The final version used here was completed a week after the party.

The Game Is Apaw! was Ilija's entry in the 2013 Plain PETSCII Graphics Competition held over at CSDB, where it achieved 5th place out of over 100 submissions. The Game Is Apaw! was composed entirely using the standard CBM ASCII character set, and is based on an 8-colour cat avatar he pixelled back in 2011.

This set includes both A2 posters (420mm x 594mm in size), created from screen captures then optimised and converted into CMYK format by Steve Day. The posters are numbered individually on the reverse side and are sent rolled together in a reinforced poster tube. Only 100 sets will ever be available for sale.

The Psyboarfunk and The Game Is Apaw! set is available now from our online store, priced at £15. Shipping is £5 for UK (because of the crazy parcel-size rules), £4 to mainland Europe and £5 for the rest of the world.

Commodore is awesome : CSDb Latest Releases [[source]]

130376Latest releases over at CSDb are as follows:

The Demo Formerly Known as Happy Birthday Jeff, DurexForth V1.3, Sokoban 64 +1D 101%, Petscii Editor V4.5, Sokoban 64, 2048, Relaunch64 V3.0 Beta 8, Specular Highlight, Immensity – Revision 2014 Edition, Spiral Silicon Towers, Fuzzy Brawl, Dekadance, Immensity Preview 2, Animal Reign Part III, Back in the Saddle, Social Net, 10 Orbyte, Redefinition, Lost in the Forest of Owls, Panopticon, Devil or Angel?, Party Train Incoming – Mind the GAP, Happy Easter!, The Final Territory, Tristar Red Sector Logoset, Waterman +5E, Sickness and Laxity 3D Logo.

Source: CSDb

Retro Treasures : Yu Suzuki's Shenmue 2 for the Dreamcast [[source]]

The second installment of Sega's epic yet unfinished 128-bit trilogy, the revered Shenmue 2 for the Dreamcast,  has once again appeared on eBay, though this time in top form and complete. Just click over to this Shenmue 2 auction for the complete boxed game with all four GD-ROMs, both booklets and the sleeve. Seller ships worldwide.

Retro Treasures : The Rowtron Television Computer System [[source]]

According to Old-Computers and Dusty Old Games the Rowtron Television Computer System is a VC 4000 clone and thus a truly obscure, really early and rather interesting European cartridge-based console. It is also a pretty bulky beast that was released back in 1979 and a rarity you can own via this Rowtron Television Computer System auction. Seller ships only within the United Kingdom.
The console is fully working and hookable to modern TVs and comes with its (not so well preserved) box and six cartridges.