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Octoate - The Amstrad CPC : SymbOS 2.1 for Amstrad CPC, Amstrad PCW and MSX [[source]]

Prodatron just released the final version of SymbOS 2.1, his multitasking and multiplatform operating system for the Amstrad CPC, Amstrad PCW and MSX. Again, the changelist is long, so be sure to download the latest version and check the new features by yourself. You can download it from the SymbOS download page. You can discuss the new version on the CPCWiki forums as well.



  • New multiline textinput control: The most complex control of the desktop manager has the functionality of a small text editor and is an exact copy of modern textedit-boxes. It supports features like auto-word-wrapping, support of any proportional fonts and colours, unlimited line length, text marking, copy & paste etc.
  • Improved singleline textinput control: This control has been optimized a lot and is now based on the new code of the multiline control. Editing is faster and doesn’t flicker anymore.
  • Interbank calls: The same application can now place code in multiple 64K banks and use the new interbank calls of the kernel to switch between the code areas in an easy and transparent way.
  • 64K cluster support: While the official specification of the FAT filesystem doesn’t allow clusters with sizes larger 32KB, SymbOS is now also able to handle FAT16 and FAT32 partitions with 64K clusters.
  • Settings autosave: Changes of the system settings will now be autosaved on shut down or when closing the control panel. This is optional.
  • Preselected system path: The file dialogue will preselect the system path, if no drive and path is specified
  • Direct low level sector access: The file manager now provides direct access to its low level sector read and write functions for the applications.
  • Optimized memory allocation: When an application is loaded the system now tries different ways of memory allocation. This minimizes the wasting of fragmented memory areas and makes it possible still to load programs even if the memory is nearly full.
  • Improved SymShell: The textoutput in fullscreen mode is again 20% faster. The TYPE command has been debugged.
  • and last but not least: a new nice looking system font

New applications (you can get them on the download page):

  • Notepad: With the availability of the new multiline textinput control a Notepad clone is now reality in SymbOS as well. It provides nearly the whole functionality of its Windows counterpart including search and replace, different formatting options and multiple font selection.
  • Conways Game Of Life: This application was mainly developed to demonstrate the multi threading ability in the multitasking environment of SymbOS. It also contains a library with hundrets of objects and supports all combinations of alternative cell rules.
  • 4-In-A-Row: The first official released SymStudio application has been developed by Edoz. It is the well known game “4-in-a-row”, which is developed 100% in SymBasic and is now available for SymbOS.
  • Tetris 2014: Tetris is another example that developing SymBasic-based applications and games with SymStudio is truly possible and easy to do. This second more advanced game by Edoz brings this classic to SymbOS.

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Retro Treasures : Conquest of Camelot: The Search for the Holy Grail [[source]]

Designed by Christy Marx and Peter Ledger, Arthurian adventure game Conquest of Camelot: The Search for the Holy Grail was released by Sierra in 1989 and was one of the very best games the company ever produced. As always, it came in a lush box you can own via this Conquest of Camelot (PC) eBay auction; it's complete with manual, disks, maps etc and the seller is shipping worldwide.
Oh, and you can always download the game's files direct from Christy Marx's site.

Jason Kelk : Pimp my breadbin [[source]]

This time last week my Beloved and I were thinking about the journey home from my parents’ place in Kent and, along with the kit I’d dragged down there to get some work done, we came back with some C64s because I want to “pimp” one a bit and needed a working or repairable board […]

Retro Treasures : Boxed Acorn Electron [[source]]

A lovely chance to grab the cheaper version of the BBC micro via this lovely Acorn Electron auction. The winner will be getting a working Acorn Electron in its original box, complete manual, introductory tape, three programming books and 12 games, including Football Manager. Seller ships only within the UK.

Plus/4 World : Club Info 135 Released! [[source]]

Let's start September with the latest issue of Club Info. Erich/Ultd has just released the issue 135 of the long-running German disk magazine. (Might be the longest running disk mag in all of 8-bit history, though we haven't checked.) The scene kept Erich busy with new releases: you'll find articles about tons of recently released stuff, including overview and solution for Ghost Town [PAL/NTSC], map for Saboteur C16 +2J, continued descriptions of Total Eclipse and SVS-Calc 2.0. Side B contains a nice compilation of new releases, and some maps for games - you'll have to fire up Page-Setter to view these. Check it out and enjoy!

nIGHTFALL : Commodore CBM 4032 (40 Columns) Repair [[source]]

Commodore CBM 4032 (40 Columns) Repair Defect: “Device not present” error when using the IEEE 488 port (Example Floppy Drive) Sometimes the computer show the prompt of the TIM monitor (Machine Language Monitor program) Replaced parts: Replaced 1 x IC 6522 VIA (UB15) Replaced 1 x IC 6520 PIA (UB16)

Octoate - The Amstrad CPC : ReSeT #18 Amstrad CPC demoparty [[source]]

Aren’t we missing a demoparty this year? Yes, the biggest Amstrad CPC demoparty: The ReSeT! The ReSeT #18 party in Coutances / France will take place from 14th-16th November 2014. Like every year, the party is organised by Eliot / Benediction. It is open to all computer enthusiast and for everyone who is intersted in coding, electronics, graphics, music, etc.. Be sure to participate if you can and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Amstrad CPC. You can register here.


  • Big screen
  • Competitions to show up your creativity on Amstrad
  • Latest demos released on Atari ST, Atari XL, C64 and ZX Spectrum
  • Food and Drinks included
  • Showers and Bedrooms
  • Lot of fun!


  • Demo: No size limit. The entry must be runnable on CPC 6128 or 6128 Plus, without any extension.
  • Intro (256b, 1k, 4k): Maximum size is 256, 1024 or 4096 bytes. The entry must be runnable on CPC 6128 or 6128 Plus, without any extension.
  • Graphics: All formats / modes are allowed. The entry must be submitted with its viewer program runnable on CPC or Plus.
  • Music: No size limit. The entry must be submitted with its player.
  • Remote entries: Allowed for every competitions. Mail us your entry before Saturday 15th of November.

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Plus/4 World : Hall Of Fame Updates [[source]]

Our Hall Of Fame has got a new lease on life. Thanks to everyone for their feedback, your voices have been heard. The latest update gives you these features:One games that is more than one game: sometimes, like with Summer Events, you can play two or more different games. A new field (called sub-game) allows you to enter which one you've used. Other examples are Cave Fighter (has Side A and Side B versions), or Daley Thompson's Star Events (has Day 1 and Day 2).Secondary score: for games like G-Man, the score will have a maximum value (4000 in this case). Entering a secondary score (time) will allow us to rank the best ones.Statistics: the top section has been expanded reworked and now includes some (hopefully interesting) statistics.Some of these features still require manual work, and of course bugs might occur here or there, so be sure to speak up if you have more ideas, or if you see something that doesn't work quite right. Otherwise: keep on gaming :-)

Octoate - The Amstrad CPC : ROManager 1.8 [[source]]

TFM released a new version of his ROManager for FutureOS which currently supports all available Flash-ROM devices for the CPC (X-MEM (TotO), FlashGordon (PulkoMandy) or MegaFlash). You can download it from the FutureOS homepage.
This are the features of the new version:

  • an overworked GUI based on the new CBM interface
  • Enhanced error checking
  • Functions to display really all RSX of a ROM and their start address
  • Hotkeys
  • SDP constantly activated
  • Plug & Play support for the new X-MEM (Winbond or SST), MegaFlash and FlashGordon
  • and a nice Icon ;-)


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8-Bit City : Slasher Swamp [[source]]

WARNING: Slasher Swamp is a text-based interactive fiction designed to horrify. You should not play Slasher Swamp if you are faint of heart, easy traumatized, have nightmares, or are under 18 years old. In fact, no one should play this game at all.
UPDATE: I've decided to enter this game in the 2014 Interactive Fiction Competition and so I'm pulling the game down from public release. You can still play Slasher Swamp, just send me an email at 8bitcity-at-gmail with your name, experience playing IF/text-based games, and you can be an official Beta tester. You must be 18 years old to apply to be a Beta tester. Slasher Swamp will officially launch on September 28th, when the contest begins.
I built this game over the last couple of days. It is entirely text-based. Explore the vast palmetto fields of Slash Swamp... and survive if you can!
Just download the file above, unzip it, and run the application. If you are playing on Mac or *Nix, you should be able to compile the source file via TADS 3.
This is the very first Beta release, and I am the only person who has play the game, so expect some bugs, typos, and/or glitches. I should have everything smoothed out in the next few weeks, as well as add a few additional features and places.

Plus/4 World : Spektro's Treasure! [[source]]

Spektro dug though his personal collection and found 12 new pieces of software for the site! 6 of these are Finnish language, which is something quite rare (including these, we're counting 9 Finnish language programs in total, ever). If you feel like checking out some rare never-before-seen oldies, give these a shot:* Finnish games: Alcatrazin vangit (an adventure), Hazard, Kaivos, Klassista 16 (a demo, music box), Liikemiespeli and Othello.* English games: 16 Trap, Bandit, Landing, Space Radar, War Games and Z-Worm.Big thanks to Spektro for these, enjoy!