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Vintage is the new old : Assembly Lines: The Complete Book Released [[source]]

AAL_BookRoger Wagner’s Assembly Lines was an important information source for many programmers in the 1980’s. The article ran in Softtalk magazine over 33 issues.

Chris Torrence has edited and published this book in close coordination with Roger Wagner under the Creative Commons 2.0 license and it is now available in hard cover from for the production only pricing of $21.74.

Source: Call A.P.P.L.E

Vintage is the new old : Andy McFadden updates CiderPress and NuLib2 [[source]]

ciderpressAfter several years of quiet bit-rot, CiderPress and NuLib2 have received some new updates

NuLib is a disk and file archive program, similar in principle to PKZIP, and CiderPress provides the features that Apple II enthusiasts need to manage their disk and file archives. Open them, view their contents, and copy files between them. There are other programs that provide access to disk and file archives, but none have as many features or support as many formats as CiderPress.

Both projects are now in git repositories on, migrated from their CVS repositories on

Source: A2Central

Vintage is the new old : After 38 years of glory, the long run of Dr. Dobb’s has come to an end. [[source]]

ddj-logo The Dr Dobb’s Journal hasn’t been printed for a while, and now, with sadness, I learned that even the website is closing down. On a long editorial, Andrew Binstock has confirmed that the website is not generating revenue like it was used to do, despite the big number of visitors.

In one word, revenue. Four years ago, when I came to Dr. Dobb’s, we had healthy profits and revenue, almost all of it from advertising. Despite our excellent growth on the editorial side, our revenue declined such that today it’s barely 30% of what it was when I started. The website will be kept online, but frozen, with no updates. This way we will be able to keep using its huge library, while it is relevant. In no time, it is gonna be a source of vintage information.

Source: Retrocomputaria Plus
Link: Farewell Dr Dobb’s Editorial

Retro Treasures : Unreleased NES Super Turrican Prototype [[source]]

Huge as Turrican and Super Turrican were in Europe, Super Turrican never managed to make it on the NES despite apparently being an essentially completed game. You can find -possibly even buy- all the proof you need over at this NES Super Turrican Prototype eBay auction. It's a NTSC version of Super Turrican on a 22 years old EPROM cartridge from SEIKA / Manfred Trenz for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
The thing is quite obviously extremely rare and thus expensive, though it does admittedly look rather impressive. Seller ships worldwide.

Australian Retro Gamer : Video Gaming Film Of The Year: From Bedrooms To Billions [[source]]

During the pioneering days of video gaming and home computing, our industry may have been small when compared to Japan, the US and UK, but we were (and still are) proud of our gaming heritage – we will always be proud of John De Margheriti’s Micro Forté and Alfred Milgrom’s Melbourne House and Beam Software amongst the […]

AAMSX : And finally... [[source]]

Do you remember the AY chip music contest organized by the AAMSX and Culturachip? Well, we've got a lot of songs submited and recollected on a music disk for MSX computers that the AAMSX is going to sell during the meeting for 1€.  The winner will be announced during the meeting, at 12 o'clock.

And also...

Very soon we are going to receive this:

And, we already have the planning of activities scheduled for the users meeting.  You can take a look at the "next meeting" section of the website.

Commodore Free Magazine : Commodore Free Magazine Issue 85 - 2014 [[source]]

Commodore Free Magazine Issue 85 - 2014
Editions: WEB | PDF | HTML | TXT | SEQ | EPUB | MOBI | D64RTF  

  • Editorial
  • Commodore Free E-Cover Tape #16
  • General News
    • Retro Game Calendar 2015
    • TherapSid
    • BEEP Documentary
    • TOSEC
    • Particles! BBS
    • Cassiopei Update
    • CBM prg Studio v3.1.0
    • C64Studio v3.8
  • C64 News
    • Reformation C64 Remixes
    • International Karaoke+
    • Dust layer Coding Tutorials
    • Digital Excess Tools
    • Pic2spr V1.2E
    • HVSID Player Plugin v4b
    • Attitude Issue 15
    • MP3 Plugin v6 [IDE64]
    • Air Sea Battle Released
    • Revolution V Released
    • Ultimate Opus V0.2
    • SID Duzz' It V2.1.7
    • Audiotap and WAV-PRG
  • VIC 20 News
    • The Real Vic-20 Prototype
  • C16 and Plus/4 News
    • YAPE Plus/4 Emulator Updates
    • Club Info 135
    • TedPlay V1.2.3 Released
  • Amiga News
    • Petro Tyschtschenko's Video from Saku 2014 — Over One Hour of Amiga Memories
    • New Design Mugs and Mouse Mat Available
    • Commodore Amiga: A Visual Compendium
    • New Wazp3D Driver – Beta56
    • AROS Vision 2.8.1 Uploaded
    • ARES II Available Now
    • New Game: Voxelnoid (AmigaOS4 and MorphOS)
    • REV'n'GE – Retro Emulator Vision and Game
    • ShowFiles (sf) 0.960 Released
    • Melbourne #Commodore Club Meeting
    • AHX Plug-in for Hollywood Released
  • C64 Book Announcement
  • Creating a GEOS File Icon
  • Interview With Alex Smith — Creator of the TherapSID
  • Transfer SEQ Files to Evernote Over RS-232
  • Bulletin Board System — A totally incomplete explanation for Commodore users
  • Interview With Brian Green — Particles BBS SysOp
  • Review: Alter Ego
Extra downloads:

      Retro Treasures : Super Stardust (A1200) [[source]]

      One of the few games to take full advantage of the Amiga 1200 AGA chip, Super Stardust remains a graphically brilliant shoot-'em-up and a great take on the Asteroids formula. Oh, and you can grab it complete in its excellently preserved boxed and on fully working disks via this Super Stardust eBay auction.
      Seller ships worldwide. 

      Australian Retro Gamer : The Neo Geo Song: Music Video [[source]]

      Just when you thought you got this song out of your head, I come along and ram it back in there! This is such a feel good song – it is absolutely perfect for the festive season! Get singing people, “Neo Geo, Neo Geo. Four bright buttons and two joysticks. Neo Geo, Neo Geo. Cool […]

      Commodore is awesome : Real AmiKit 8 [[source]]

      real_amikit_betaReal AmiKit is a 16 colour version of AmiKit adapted to work with a real Amiga AGA computer. New in this version: Rainboot v3.2, MorpheuZ, Renegades Deluxe, Cooper-Demon, IconMaker, ScreenText, MUI 4, DOpus 5.91, boot voices, wallpapers and patterns. And many other improvements and updates.