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Retro Treasures : 4 Atari Lynx Cartridges [[source]]

Here's a pretty straightforward auction for 4 Atari Lynx games on eBay. Happily, they are all great offerings too and, though untested, what could every be wrong with such a sturdy cartridge? Seller ships to the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia. As for the included games they are: Switchblade, Klax, Paperboy and Robosquash.

Amiga Gamer : Tales of Gorluth - First Batch Sold Out [[source]]

If you were planning to order a copy of the Zelda-like RPG, Tales of Gorluth, directly from the author, well, you're too late. Such was the demand for the CDROM only title that the author has sold all of his initial batch.
The good news is that Amiga Kit will be stocking the title, and it's now available to pre-order at the following link:
Priced at a mere £11.80 (a slightly odd price, but there you go), the game boasts over 5 hours of gameplay, 64 colour graphics, more than 40 pieces of music and 3 separate quests. The CDROM contains both English and German versions of the game.
Demos of the game can be downloaded here (English), and here (German).

You can see the game in action below. Note, the music playing in the video is from the game.

My thanks go to the Lemon Amiga team for the heads-up on this.

Retro Treasures : NES Power Set (unused) [[source]]

This excellent Nintendo Entertainment System Power Set, currently being auctioned over at eBay, has never been used and thus everything in it is factory tied. Interestingly this already rare boxed set is one from the first production run and thus comes with the grey Zapper. The NES console, the Power Pad, two controllers, manuals, cables and three games (Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt, World Class Track Meet) are also included.
Seller ships worldwide.

Red Parsley : Mobile Games #7 [[source]]

Retro Racing (2012)
By: Mr Qwak Genre: Overhead Racing Players: 1-2 Difficulty: Medium
Featured Version: Android
Also Available For: iOS, Ouya

I've never really been too concerned about phone or tablet games and, accordingly, not too many catch my eye, but one genre that always gets my attention is that of overhead racing games. This particular one was made by Mr. Qwak, a.k.a. Jamie Woodhouse of Qwak fame (in case you hadn't guessed!) who also happens to be behind Nitro and ATR which are... you guessed it, both overhead racers! Unlike both of those efforts, however, Retro Racing is based on F1-style racing, albeit in the kind of unrealistic arcadey way you might expect.

Before starting you get a choice of three brightly coloured cars (with three more becoming available later), each of which are rated based on their speed, acceleration, and tyres. Then it's on to the first in a series of 18 small but increasingly complex circuits as one of eight hopeful racers.

Progression from one to the next is possible only by finishing in third place or higher and, shockingly, you start at the back of the field. It's not usually too hard to make up places though, particularly around corners as the cars are quite slidy which means you can often cut the corner, assuming you time it right of course! However, like most similar games, it's equally possible to mis-time it and get stuck on a barrier or roadside object of some sort.

Considering most races last for little more than a minute, making up for errors like can often require more than just skilful driving. Happily then, each circuit is littered with lots of power-up icons which will boost your speed, acceleration, tyres, or give you a brief nitro boost. As well as being numerous, these icons also respawn after a short while too, so there's no excuse to be finishing last!

Whilst fairly prevalent over just about all parts of the circuit, the power-ups are also often grouped down side-roads or somewhere else out of the way, and the decision of whether to lose a little time going after them is about the only strategic element to an otherwise very arcadey game. It's also a vibrant affair featuring smooth, colourful graphics, decent music and effects, and generally great presentation all round.

The main point of concern for me prior to playing, however, as with many games on these mobile devices, was the controls. Here they are at least simple. There are three on-screen 'buttons' - one for left, one for right, and one for accelerate (no brakes - eeek!) and, while it's always possible to 'miss' a button (especially with the split-screen two-player mode, although it's impressive that it's even been included I guess!), it works pretty well for the most part. It's a shame there's no 'tilt-steering' option but that's about the only complaint I have with Retro Racing which has proven surprising enjoyable and addictive. As mentioned, the circuits get more and more complex and later ones features lots of short-cuts, split paths, obstacles, and even off road sections, but their short nature makes this the perfect game for quickie sessions (giggity). There's not really any original ideas here but Mr. Qwak's effort is good fun and great value, and therefore comes highly recommended.

RKS Score: 8/10

Special Note: It's worth pointing out that I did actually buy this game soon after I downloaded the 'free' version (which, unlike most such Android releases, has no ads but keeps about three-quarters of the game locked). This made it my first ever Android purchase in fact (!) but the title screen above (for the free version) is the only one I could find online :(

Retro Treasures : Atari 520 ST & a ton of games [[source]]

This Atari ST auction, apparently, comes complete with everything you need in order to spend a couple hundred hours gaming the 16-bit way. It's comes with a properly boxed Atari 520 STfm with all the required bits and pieces to set the thing up, a mouse, over 70 games on over 70 disks, more than a few boxed games and some extra software. Seller ships only within the UK.
From what can be seen on the photos you will, among others, be getting Fast BASIC, R-Type II, Zork, Turrican, Oh No! More Lemmings and Weird Dreams.

Amiga Gamer : Blackjet Releases Goatlizard DX! [[source]]

Way back in April of last year I covered the release of Moebius Goatlizard - a game that would make newsstand coverage when it was featured in Retro Gamer magazine. So impressed were the RG staff that they awarded Goatlizard with a legendary"Retro Gamer Sizzler" award.

Now, some 15 months on, Black Jet games have unleashed a tweaked, refined and ever so slightly enhanced version of the game, entitled Goatlizard DX.

Here's Blackjet's "Spud" with a brief lowdown of what's new;
"Hi all I've finished my slightly updated verison of Moebius Goatlizard. It adds some music and some extra nasties to the game, and fixes the two player game considerably. You can find it at Please note, the game is broken on 010 processors. For best results I recommend an 020+ and a kickstart 2.0x equipped Amiga, but it can be played on a 1MB 68000 1.3 Amiga. Instructions are on the disk in the readme file, but also reproduced here: Hopefully it is a worth a download Cheers!"You can also find a discussion thread for the game over on the English Amiga Board. So, if you have any tips, tricks, or tactics for playing the game, or you're simply having problems getting the title to run on your setup, your'e advised to pay it a visit.

Amiga Gamer : Where Time Stood Still Amiga - Released! [[source]]

Many Amiga users have been waiting to play Where Time Stood Still on their 16 bit machines ever since Denton Designs released it for the ZX Spectrum way back in 1988.

Well, as of this evening your wait is finally over, as Fairlight's Galahad has released the much publicised Atari ST conversion into "The Zone" over on the English Amiga board.

There are a few notes and rules that go with the release, but you'll see that they're all fair and extremely reasonable;

1). When using WinUAE, ALWAYS use Cycle Exact, its the most accurate method of emulating.
2). WHDLoad version is being worked on by Codetapper and will be available tomorrow.  3). You are welcome to host this version anywhere you like. 4). It may NOT be cover mounted on a physical magazine, nor can it be sold. I didn't do this for zero money for someone else to make money off it! 5). Trainer makers...... do NOT remove the intro this time Plenty of space on the disk, use it! 6). Amiga options activate with a press of F8 on the title screen. 7). Music/SFX option on the character select box (activated by SPACE BAR) do not do anything. So no bug reports on that ta!  8). Enjoy the game, it took longer than I wanted, but I wanted to deliver the best version possible. Also thanks to Mr.Spiv and Asman for their invaluable ideas"The game can be downloaded from The Zone, at this link:, but you'll need to be a member before you can get access to this area of the site.

Credits, release notes and trivia regarding the conversion can be found in this thread, over on The English Amiga Board.

Now, go off and enjoy the game, and if you like it do post up to the English Amiga Board and let the team who converted and enhanced it know what you think. It really is an amazing effort on the part of a number of people, and a quick thank you goes a very long way.

Retro Treasures : The PC Big Box Collection [[source]]

Hello again! You all look so tanned and lovely and I do hope you've been enjoying your summer so far. Apparently there's another month of the thing and this pretty amazing boxed PC games collection auction to make things even cheerier. It (the auction, not the summer) sports over 60 classic games complete in their hefty packaging, 8 of which are still factory sealed. Seller ships only within the US.
The collection includes such masterpieces as Silent Service 2, Mega Traveler 2, Wing Commander, Sim Earth, Ultima Underworld, Eye of the Beholder, Mechwarrior, Rise of the Dragon, Battle Isle 2, Subwar 2050 and A-train.

Commodore is awesome : CSDb Latest Releases [[source]]

132067Latest releases over at CSDb are as follows:

ROC outro, ROC intro, Warflame RX +2, XTC, Dead Zone +8D, Feuerwehr, Remember… (PETSCII), Last Unicorn, Lunar Blitz RX, 2014 a Nordlicht summer, Route 64, Summer of 64, Oxy Rock, Zöpf, D71 Ultimate V0.4, C128 File Integrity Tool V1.2, C64 File Integrity Tool V1.2, Sprite Pad V2.0 Beta 1, RPL Intro #5, Roll +3HD, Aircraft Patrol 3, LSR 64 V0.31, Attack One, Shine ‘Monkey’ Logo, Level64 Logo, Leon Logo 2, Avatar Logo, Frodigi 2, Welcome to The Hidden, Faux Logo, Riverwash 6 Invitation, Mechfight 64, Vivat Finlandia, C128 File Integrity Tool V1.1, Evil Djinn Petscii, C64 File Integrity Tool V1.1.

Source: CSDb

Commodore is awesome : Aminet Latest Releases [[source]]

2_aminet_1Latest releases over at Aminet are as follows:
  • Atoms-X.lha
  • AmiArcadia.lha
  • AmiArcadia_OS4.lha
  • AmiArcadiaMOS.lha
  • amath.lha
  • amath.src.lha
  • WAVRepair.lha
  • CubicIDE_HW53.lha
  • Daysleeper.lha
  • envclock.lha
Download, more details and more files can be found over at

Tardis Remakes : Omega Race 2009 updated to version 1.4 (Windows only). [[source]]

Someone commented on my YouTube channel recently about the controls on Omega Race 2006 and as part of my answer I suggested the person to try out the 2009 version. He answered me this;

“Since I was interested in the most basic retro B&W vector-licious experience I haven’t tried the 2009 version yet. It really does a good job of looking like a vector screen”

I usually put in a fair amount of options in my games, so in retrospect I’m kinda surprised that I hadn’t added a monochrome mode to my second version of Omega Race. Well, a couple of days ago I decided to do just that. )

I added a monochrome mode – still using glowing lines, but as I was finishing it I thought to myself “hey, this is not what I what I wanted to add” so I also added a “pure clean line monochrome version” to it. Very retro. D

I also added the option to adjust the amount of glow (in the modes that uses it) which is also present in a couple of my later vector games – just to give people a chance to tweak the look a bit…not all monitors are the same. I also added the option to toggle the background music off. Personally I love the music, but it does enhance the retro-feel to play it without music. Now the option is there so you can chose your preferred style.

Read more and download the game here.

Here’s a couple of screenshots from the updated version.

Glowing monochrome mode (click to enlarge).


“Pure line mode” (click to enlarge).


RGCD/Retro Gamer CD : Darkness Cartridge Available! (Commodore 64) [[source]]

Achim Volkers, Trevor 'Smila' Storey and & Sascha 'Linus' Zeidler, the team that brought you 2013's The Vice Squad, have joined forces once again and have produced the stunning arcade adventure Darkness for the C64. Featuring a huge map comprising of 100 screens to explore, Darkness takes the character of Adventurer Stan on a perilous journey through a dense tropical jungle, hazardous mountains and ancient temples as he battles to rescue his beloved Megan!

An epic 8-Bit arcade adventure with stunning graphics and atmospheric audio, Darkness is a modern day C64 classic. Explore lush locations, uncover and collect power-ups, exterminate savage wildlife, duel with otherworldly denizens and take on the mighty Dark One himself at the climax of your quest!

Another collaborative project between Psytronik Software and RGCD, this specially presented cartridge version of the game is strictly limited to 100 copies (similar to the Ultimate cassette and disk versions sold by Psytronik). These won't last long so grab your copy from our online store today!

Darkness has been tested on both PAL and NTSC machines, and works on the C64, C128 and C64GS (there is no keyboard input required to play). Although it runs on NTSC hardware, it does play fractionally faster and will be harder as a direct result of this. As such, the game is labelled as NTSC compatible, but designed for PAL systems.

Featuring box and poster artwork by Trevor Storey, the 64KB PCB is housed in a classic black cartridge shell and the game comes complete with a double-sided poster/map print, a gameplay booklet, soundtrack CD (with bonus tracks) and a Darkness keyring.

Darkness is presented in a modified plastic Universal Game Case complete with custom made foam insert (as with the rest of our deluxe range), specially packaged within a old-style black box featuring full colour front and rear prints. The map is packaged rolled, but there is a polythene zip-lock back within the box so you can either stick it up on your wall or fold it and keep it safe within the box.

The cartridge version of Darkness is priced at £39, and shipping is £5 for UK/Europe and £7 for the rest of the world. A digital version of the game will also be sent out to all customers following receipt of payment.

Please note that Pystronik Software are also selling Darkness in various formats (disk, cassette and download) via their Binary Zone Retro Store.

Commodore is awesome : ADTWin [[source]]

ADTWinADTWin is a tool for writing Amiga ADF’s from a PC to an Amiga diskette. You will need a PC with a parallel port and a disk drive from a PC or an Amiga. The writing of the diskette takes about 37 seconds. A schematic for the cable and the software is available.


Commodore is awesome : The secrets of the 6500/1 [[source]]

bench480The Commodore 6500/1 is a “single chip computer” that is used in for example the Commodore 1520 plotter/printer. The problem is that nobody knew what was inside this chip. On the cbm-hackers mailing list people started with a project of hacking the 6500/1 chip. The hack was successful and the firmware is now available.


Commodore is awesome : Goatlizard DX – Amiga [[source]]

Moebius_Goatlizard_DXAndrew Gillen released an update for the game the Incredible Adventures of Moebius Goatlizard. In the game you must collect the aliens and avoid the explosive devices. Changes in this version: In-game music, More enemies, Improved 2-player game and a custom game that lets you create your own screen.


Commodore is awesome : Tapuino [[source]]

IMG_20140603_204410Peter Edwards developed and new hardware device for Commodore 8-bit computers. This device can replace the Commodore Datassette. The device has an Arduino micro controller with an SD card reader and a LCD screen. The schematics and the software are available on Peters web page.