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New issue of ‘Komoda & Amiga Plus’ magazine available [Vintage is the new old] [[source]]


K&A Plus issue #4 is available as free download, bringing reviews, news and articles about Commodore and other machines from the early days.

K&A Plus is a magazine dedicated to retro gaming culture, mostly but not only dedicated to Commodore computers. The editors state that “our primary goal is to refresh the amazing atmosphere of the 80/90s when the world was ruled by pixels and chip-music”.

You can download it from different sources following the link below.

Link: K&A

Scene World #26 is released now! [Vintage is the new old] [[source]]

Scene World SWO


Scene World #26 is released now!

Commodore related Reviews and Interviews. Improved and more detailed NTSC News! Interview with the inventor of SMS Friedhelm Hillebrand, former Rainbow Arts Coder Hans Ippisch and a lot more! And also a lot of charset graphics done by our editor Scorpion.

Download it from our homepage or read it online into your web browser!:

‘Player Two’: Videogames Can Be A Spiritual Experience [Australian Retro Gamer] [[source]]

Player Two is a short film by John Wikstrom based on a YouTube comment by 00WARTHERAPY00 on the PBS Game/Show ‘Can Video Games Be A Spiritual Experience?‘ episode. This beautiful film tells the touching story of a boy discovering a ghost driver of his father’s fastest lap in RalliSport Challenge on an old Xbox console years after his death. Source: John Wikstrom […]

Midwinter (Amiga) [Retro Treasures] [[source]]

Midwinter was the first open world game I ever played, and, frankly, one of the few I still absolutely love. Not only did the game feature a huge, snowy, 3D island to explore with the help of skis, buggies, hang-gliders and even cable cars, it also managed to effortlessly support a unique blend of adventure and strategy gameplay elements. I'm pretty sure it was the first game to allow for first person sniping too.
Anyway. The game's one of Microprose's gems, but you probably knew that already, so here's a lovely copy of Midwinter for the Amiga that's made itself available on eBay. It comes in its original box with manual, map, 3.5" disk and technical supplement. Seller ships worldwide.

Sega Arcade Game History [Australian Retro Gamer] [[source]]

STOP THE PRESS! Thanks to our good friend Skott Kellett, we were made aware of Sega-Interactive’s Sega Arcade Game History site! So what is this site all about? If you have been (and still are) a fan of Sega’s arcade games (Ed: which many, many of you are!) and love history, then this site should be bookmarked […]

Kickstarter Version of Tiger Claw Available for Download! [RGCD/Retro Gamer CD] [[source]]

First up, let me start this post by clarifying that the results of our C64 compo are in hand and will be announced ‘sometime in May’. Jamie and I have been insanely busy lately - not only have we been wrapping up the final 1% of the work left on Conga-Combat (which now even has its own page over at, but shipping all those Tiger Claw carts took quite some time and effort!

Anyway, the last Tiger Claw cartridge was sent in the mail two weeks ago, so they should have all arrived at their destinations by now. Apart from one, which has been returned to me from Australia(!) If you think that might be yours, please drop us a line asap! (Obviously I know who it is, but I don’t want to disclose names publicly, and I’ve already emailed the individual to no avail).

If you missed out on the C64 in Pixels Kickstarter that Tiger Claw was released through, then the following two paragraphs may be of interest to you. We have FOUR ‘spare’ replacement copies of the game cartridge here that we’ll be selling at the same £40 inclusive price as the Kickstarter perk, complete with all the trimmings. These are actually spares for copies that were/may have been lost in the post, but if they all arrive then we will be looking to sell them to whoever asks first. So if you want one, please email us or drop us a line via the contact form and we’ll add you to the shortlist. The carts will not be available outside this one-off offer, and if there are no takers then they will end up on eBay.

Secondly, Tiger Claw is available to buy as a .PRG download from our page, priced at $2.99 (plus VAT). This is the same extended and enhanced version that the Kickstarter backers received, minus the Kickstarter message and Easter egg games. Talking of which, if you haven’t found them yet, try holding down fire using the joystick in port 2 during the boot sequence, then push either up, down or left and release fire when you see a blue screen :)

In addition to this, the amazing artwork by John Davies is available as an A2 and A3 poster double pack (with the game map on the reverse of the A3 poster). This bundle comes with the download for free and costs £5 (plus shipping). Honestly, this is the best game cover we have made to date and it really looks amazing in print on 170gsm matte art paper. Check out the low-res preview of the artwork and grab yours here.

You might be asking yourselves why after a successful Kickstarter we are selling the download and not releasing the game for free... Well, the honest answer is that we kind of went a bit crazy on the quality of the Kickstarter package, and spent over £900 on the artwork, print items, stickers, labels and button badges. In addition to this, I forgot that the postage prices would be going up in April, so all those overseas parcels cost more than I’d budgeted for. However, it goes without saying that the artwork was the most expensive part - and although there was a point where we deliberated skipping it, we eventually decided that we’d rather break-even on the project and have something we’re really proud of than rake in £150 or so each as profit.

So, what this means is that to date Lazycow, Saul and I so far have not made a single cent/penny on Tiger Claw - a game that ate up quite a few months of time adding those additional enhancements and features. So if you can afford to spare a few coins then they will be extremely gratefully received!

The presentation of the Tiger Claw package was a real game changer for us. Going forward, we’ve decided to stick to using the new domed cartridge labels and printed booklets to give our future releases an equally professional look. Likewise, game postcards are a great promotional extra to add to our outgoing parcels, and those massive RGCD and Lazycow stickers we had made are just supa-dope! Where have you stuck yours? :)

Next month is already looking like a busy one for us, with Conga Combat due for near-immediate release (and a Greenlight campaign launch to try and get it on Steam), the announcement of our game-dev compo results plus the release of long-awaited cartridge games Jam It and Moonspire. Phew! So I guess you’ll be hearing from me again soon :)

128k of Commodore 128 [Retro Treasures] [[source]]

A fully working, naturally yellowed, and always desirable Commodore 128 computer has appeared on eBay for you to bid on. This 128k version of the C64 that can run three different operating systems and do a variety of impressive tricks comes in its box, and is accompanied by a 5.25" disk drive, power supply, RF cable, and some disks.
Seller ships worldwide.

Pinfest 5: Festival Of The Silver Ball [Australian Retro Gamer] [[source]]

Ladies, kids of any age and gentlemen, listen up! Pinfest 5 has just been announced by the Newcastle Pinball Association! Mark the 24th and 25th September 2016 in your calendar and make sure you head to the Caves Beachside Hotel, which is 90 minutes north of Sydney. Celebrating its 5th consecutive year, Pinfest 5 will be bigger […]

Multitasking Graphic Operating System for Atari 8-bit Demo Available [Vintage is the new old] [[source]]


Jonathan “flashjazzcat” Halliday offers a working demo of the new multitasking graphic OS (Graphical Operating System, GOS) being developed for the Atari 8-bit computers.

The zip file contains ROM and ATR files that can be used with several programmable cartridges. There is also separated versions that uses Amiga and Atari ST mice.

Halliday is currently working to improve the system performance to display text and other improvements.

While it is expected that in the future GOS runs on XL/XE computers with 64KB the current status shows that a realistic configuration needs 128K RAM, a flash cartridge and a mouse compatible with Atari ST or Amiga.

Based on the video below, GOS looks really impressive, with a nice and crispy black and white interface showing good performance. Remember that it is a multitask operating system, an amazing feat for the good old Atari!

[There is a video that cannot be displayed in this feed. Visit the blog entry to see the video.]

Source: Atariteca
Download: GOS for Atari

SD2Snes Firmware v0.1.7b released [nIGHTFALL] [[source]]

Ikari has released a new firmware for the SD2Snes Flash Cartridge (Super Nintendo/Famicom). The upgrade instructions can be found here. Changelog: SD2Snes folder is always hidden again. Fixes: Fix garbled time on initial clock setting (new unit or battery replacement) Fix BS-X not booting/booting incorrectly after soft reset. Fix OBC1 being always disabled. Fix firmware [...]

Yoshi's Story Demo Cartridge (N64) [Retro Treasures] [[source]]

A demo cartridge of the International Version of Yoshi's Story labeled as "Not For Resale" is a rare Nintendo 64 collectible. Something that could never be cheap, yet also a retro rarity people have already started bidding on over at this Yoshi's Story Demo (N64) eBay auction.
The cartridge is in excellent condition, comes with its acrylic cart protector and, though only available for US bidders, free shipping.

New MSX2 game remake ‘Head Over Heels’ almost ready for debut [Vintage is the new old] [[source]]


MSX Resource Centre has reported that a remake of the game ‘Head Over Heels’, an isometric arcade adventure game released in 1987, is almost ready for release.

After one year in development, the FX Project team has announced that the game is practically ready and only few fixes and final tweaks are remaining.  It’s expected to sell the game during the next 49th MSX users meeting in Barcelona. The idea is to release it in cartridge and the price will be around 35€. If you are interested, let the team know. They use the interest to estimate the first production batch.

Link: FX Project

Retro Gaming Hunt: On The Road To Newcomb [Australian Retro Gamer] [[source]]

What does one do on a long weekend? Well, we decided to hit the road to Newcomb for a retro games hunting expedition at the Amazing Mill Market! The Amazing Mill Market definitely didn’t disappoint, with loads of retro gaming gear found on the ground and upper floor. Ms ausretrogamer’s keen eye found some hidden treasures, […]

Nintendo Entertainment System Control Deck [Retro Treasures] [[source]]

There are few machines as iconic and definitive as Nintendo's all conquering 8-bit console, and even fewer that managed to spawn this many classic games, genres and series. Then again you know this already; even if you don't own a NES, in which case this boxed Nintendo Entertainment System Control Deck eBay auction should be of interest.

The console has been tested and is working, seems to have been finely preserved and comes in its Control Deck box. A couple of controllers, the RF unit, cables and the power supply are included. Seller ships worldwide.