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Fire Emblem (Game Boy Advance) [Retro Treasures] [[source]]

One of the best RPGs on the GBA, the excellent Fire Emblem has been put up for auction on eBay. It is a fully boxed and apparently finely preserved copy of the game you will be bidding on, and it comes with cartridge, box, manual, and inserts.
Seller ships to most places worldwide.

The Last Ninja 2 +8DG - Hokuto Force celebrates via the C64 with a big trainer and more! [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

Are you bored with nothing to play, then come and play a hit C64 classic that pretty much everyone has heard of from the 80's, and one of System 3's greatest action adventure games from 1988 'The Last Ninja 2'; which has now been re-released as a +8DG by Hokuto Force with more than just a quick improvement. This fabulous game has been given the once over by Hokuto Force and not only features

ZX Spectrum Next “stretch goals” announced [Vintage is the new old] [[source]]

“Next” housed within an original Speccy case.

It is typical for any Kickstarter project the existence of stretch goals.

The idea is to either improve the product or give extra perks if the funding money passes the target goal for a good margin and reaches other targets values.

When launched, we noticed that the ZX Spectrum Next didn’t have any stretch goal defined, which is not really uncommon, but since the project is already funded, Henrique Olifiers and the team have published a list of improvements in case the project can gather more money.

Here is the list:

£350,000 – A Better, Stronger Next
We expand the SLX9 FPGA to its bigger brother, the SLX16. What does it do? Glad you asked: we can add much more hardware features into the Next (60% more room), making it a better computer than it already is!

£450,000 – Expand Me Easy
The Next gets sockets for the extra memory, making it as easy as slotting in a memory chip in order to expand its RAM, no more soldering involved. The WiFi also gets a slot, removing the need for soldering too.

£550,000 – The Holy Manual
A wire bound printed manual upgrade, with a sci-fi cover to invoke warm feelings on those in the know.

£650,000 – Secret
We’ll unwrap this one soon!

£750,000 – Mega Secret
Will we ever unwrap this?

When it was asked on Facebook what kind of stretch goals the backers wanted, I mentioned that I’d rather have the production time speeded up and having the team focusing on getting the project out, with no distractions. After seeing the goals above, I can say I am relieved to see all the goals make total sense and it doesn’t look like it will spread the team’s attention thin. Of course, we don’t know what will come after the £650K, so we will have to wait.

With 27 days to go, the Next gathered from backers £293,000 (USD 375,000), so I believe it is a safe bet that at least the first stretch goal is going to happen, which is a clever choice considering how easy is to use a better CPU. The £450K mark will be hard to reach in my opinion unless the Next gets the attention of mainstream outlets bringing a broader audience to know about the project (like it happened with the Vega). There are a few British outlets already reporting it, but it will need more to increase the fund raising process.

Probably the goals were ranked based on cost, but I’d like to have the slots for memory expansion and WiFi as the first tier, and CPU as the second, as it would make it easier to expand or replace a faulty module, for example.

Space Trip 2086 - A brand new C64 game released. [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

Space Trip 2086 is Psytronik software's latest C64 release. The download version is available to play now when pre-ordering physical copies of the cassette or disk version, which should be released later this month (April 2017). Not only does the pack contain the excellent Space Trip 2086, but there's also a mini side scrolling shootemup (Space Trip 2085), a sound track, and documentation

Ishar: Legend of the Fortress (MS-DOS) [Retro Treasures] [[source]]

Ishar, the wonderfully imaginative fantasy RPG by French studio Silmarils, is a game I fondly remember, and actually one I do consider to have aged superbly. Also, you can bid on this fine Ishar: Legend of the Fortress (MS-DOS) eBay auction, and own your very own, very boxed, very complete version of the game for your PC. The game comes complete with manual, two 3.5" disks, and registration cards.
Seller ships worldwide.

The Big Red Adventure - Multi-platform Adventure game, gets a DamienD Amiga release [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

In 1995 Core Design released ' The Big Red Adventure ' as a sequel to a very fun and comedic Adventure game ' Nippon Safes Inc ', which was released on multiple platforms such as the PC, as well as a CD-ROM for the Amiga 1200 and A4000 in 1997 by Power Computing. This rather well known game, which takes place in Russia after Michael Gorbatsjov's Perestroika, has been unofficially re-released

Nox Archaist, New Role Playing Game in Development for A2 Hardware, Mac and PC by 6502 Workshop [Vintage is the new old] [[source]]

Nox Archaist is a new role playing game in development by 6502 Workshop exclusively for the Apple II platform and emulators, with both floppy and hard disk support. Check out the latest mini story using the Nox Archaist engine to demo the newest features in the game:

The Nox Archaist story line is still under development. Any names or characters used in these mini stories are not intended to depict real or imagined NPCs, events, or bovines in the actual game. Any similarities are coincidental.

Nox Archaist S1E2 Part 1: Cow-A-Pult

In the last episode the wizard Ojithar warned us that the nearby ruins contain a great evil. Of course that’s where we are headed, there’s bound to be treasure!

New game play elements to look for in this video include:

  • Combat Scenarios
  • Spellcasting Special Effects
  • New Tile Graphic Animations
  • NPCs Outside of Towns

Nox Archaist, by 6502 Workshop, is a 2D tile based fantasy RPG with a classic Apple II look and feel. 6502 Workshop’s mission is to develop a modern evolution of the Apple II RPG genre, while exploring how gameplay might have advanced in tile-based RPGs if large scale development had continued on the Apple II platform after the 1980s.


Breath of the NES, Nintendo Switch “Breath of the Wild” inspired 2D Prototype for Windows [Vintage is the new old] [[source]]

Breath of the NES is a “Breath of the Wild” inspired fanmade demo game for Windows, offering a new adventure in the classic Zelda style, but with smooth animations and a more interactive world! Currently you can play around in a mini overworld, testing out the gameplay, while discovering lot’s of fun items! We wonder though how long it will be before the mighty Nintendo slam a “Cease and Desist” letter on the creator in typical Nintendo fashion.. That being said, download the game while you can!

-Link now has 50% more invulnerability frames after being hurt
-The Korock Leaf now deflects projectiles
-Increased the Korock Leaf’s damage from 1 to 2
-Redesigned the dungeon 2 enterance so you can’t get stuck anymore
-Fixed skeletons being immune to arrows
-Fixed the controls for <SECRET> being misrepresented when using a controller
-Fixed apple trees not dropping baked apples when burned
-Fixed some mistakes in the background tiles



Astro Force - Another worthy contender for the SMS Coding Competition 2017 [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

The Sega Master System homebrew scene is certainly giving me goosebumps this month, as another decent looking shooter known as 'Astro Force' has appeared via the SMS Power - SMS Coding Competition 2017 forums. Once again a high grade development, this one is an inspiration of other games such as RSG, Thunder force, Gaiares, Aleste,  R-type and MSX nemesis and features plenty of action to keep

Mecha-8 Demo - Mech based shooter aims to impress via SMS Coding competition 2017 [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

Even more retro goodness made available as a demo on the SMS Power forums, is the recently shown  'Mecha-8 demo' for the Sega Master System "SMS Coding competition 2017". Developed by Nanochess this game is a high grade sneak preview of a top scrolling shoot em up that according to many, features top quality and polished gameplay, intro and cutscenes that set the mood, and plenty of in game

Betelgeuse, New NES Homebrew Shooter in Development [Vintage is the new old] [[source]]

retrogamedev over at NintendoAge forums has shared some News about his new NES Homebrew game in development called betelgeuse. Retro describes the game as a “Zelda 1 Like Shooter”. From what we can see, the graphics resemble similarities to NES Zelda and the game has “Shoot’ em up” aspects thrown in. He also mentions that game engine is almost complete (sprite engine, collisions, animations and sprite flicker). However, there is still more to be done before the game is released. Check out the teaser video below showing some early gameplay. I must say it is looking lovely so far! ;)


Betelgeuse - Action top down shooter in dev for the NES [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

A new homebrew for the NES as retrogamedev has teased a very early work in progress footage of an upcoming game called ' Betelgeuse ', which according to the developer is a Zelda like shooter project. Although not much is known about the game's story or when it will actually be released, we can tell you the current version has an almost working engine which includes a sprite engine, collisions

"Logon's run - 3D meets the aging bits" making-of (April 2017) [NoRecess] [[source]]

Picture Overflow/Logon System presented at Revision 2017 his demo called "Logon's run - 3D meets the aging bits". Reception has been really good and the production was ranked 2nd in the oldschool demo category. Congratulations Olivier !

As promised last December, a making-of (written by Overflow himself !) is now available on this website. It explains all the technical details that fits in 22Kb, including the introduction of a custom 3D engine + some clever use of hardware features.

Click HERE to read the making-of.

ZX Spectrum Next £250,000 target reached in only 34 hours [Vintage is the new old] [[source]]

I was expecting that the Next would be a hot topic over Kickstarter and it would be funded, but I didn’t expect that to happen so quick. The project is fully funded already, which means they will get the money from all backers via Kickstarter. Since there are still 28 days to go, there are plenty of time to go way beyond the target. And for you who happens to not back it yet, there is still time.

Expected to be shipped in early 2018, there are still months ahead until you get your hands on it, but the intended 9 months is actually a pretty tight schedule, demonstrating that the project is indeed in very advanced stages and the remaining time will be used almost to sort out the case, keyboard and the production itself. If you are happy with a board only, you can get it sooner, around August 2017.

One of the nicest things about this project is about its open source nature. With all the expectation and money involved, it would be more than natural for the Next team to keep all to themselves and profit fro it in the long run, but after the Spectrum Next is shipped, all material used to make the project will be open source, which means other people would be able to build their own from scratch, improve the original project or even start a healthy wave of “competitors”. Well done!

Link: Spectrum Next

Sonic the Hedgehog Time Twisted - A high grade Sonic fan game, finally gets a release! [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

Do we have some great retro gaming news for you, as that legendary game character Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog game series, which appeared on multiple systems including the Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear, has appeared in an all new high grade fan game as 'Sonic the Hedgehog Time Twisted', which has finally been released. Developed using GameMaker Studio, this latest fan game is

The ZX Spectrum Is Reborn As The Next [Australian Retro Gamer] [[source]]

All you one-eyed C64 lovers licking your wounds after the cancelled Commodore 64: For the Love of a Machine Kickstarter (Ed: which we are still devastated about), please look away now! Just when those smarmy Speccy owners were popping the champagne in celebration of the rubber key computer’s 35th anniversary, the ZX Spectrum Next makes […]