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Commodore 16 Repair [nIGHTFALL] [[source]]

Commodore 16 Repair Defect: Don’t works any program that requires too much memory. Replaced Components: 1 x MB81416-12 (U5) Note: I have used for the first time the DIAG264 (Kernel version, but there is also a cartridge version) and i must say that it works well. Gallery of the repair:

PLAnkton (906114-01/251064-01) Replacement [nIGHTFALL] [[source]]

A new generation of PLA for the C64 is now available! PLAnkton is a new substitute for the C64 PLA U17 part no. 906114-01 or 251064-01. A few years ago, a PLA based on the Xilinx XC9536 appeared in the Commodore community. This circuit is now out of production and has been for quite some [...]

Nintendo Classic Mini [nIGHTFALL] [[source]]

I don’t want to make yet another boring review of the Nintendo Classic Mini, there are many on the net. I will just say that is made very well, the 30 games included are emulated very well and seem bug free at least i have not found anyone. The games selection menu is done very [...]

Sega SC-3000 Repair [nIGHTFALL] [[source]]

Sega SC-3000 Repair Defect: The graphics of the games is not displayed correctly. The BASIC cartridge does not work. Replaced Components: 2 x MCM4517-15 RAM (IC12/IC13). Note: I have replaced the two RAM MCM4517-15 with a classic RAM 4164 (also used in the Commodore 64) paying attention to short-circuit the pin 9 and 10 of [...]

Mattel Intellivision with ZOE RGB (Limited Edition) [nIGHTFALL] [[source]]

Mattel Intellivision with ZOE RGB (Limited Edition) Why is Limited Edition? Because i have made these works: Shielded cord Male MiniDIN Scart (cable length: 2,5 meters) also the cable that connecting the female connector MiniDIN to the PCB of the ZOE RGB is shielded. Female connector MiniDIN installed in the RF signal output hole and [...]

Dialed In: Meeting Jersey Jack Pinball’s Jack Guarnieri [Australian Retro Gamer] [[source]]

If you weren’t aware, there is more than one player in the pinball manufacturing business. Jersey Jack Pinball started in January 2011 and immediately took the pinball scene by storm, creating and releasing innovative, fun and quality pinball machines. This trailblazing pinball company was founded by Jack Guarnieri, an amusement veteran of some forty years […]

ENEMY 2 Collectors Edition - The sequel to a bloody Amiga shooter is available in boxed form! [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

In 1997, which is very late in the Amiga's life time, Anachronia released the bloody action shooter ENEMY : Tempest of Violence as an exclusive for the Amiga system. It is a very rare and brilliant game that was very similar in style to that other classic Flashback, but also very close to the style of Blizzard's PC platformer Black Thorne, but with far more action and gore. Regarded by those

Tina's Adventure Island - MSX game developed over the years available for pre-order! (+Demo) [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

This week just gets better and better as after mentioning two NES games high on the play-ability scale, Imanok has announced his seriously cool looking platformer ' Tina's Adventure Island ' which is now available for pre-order in cartridge form for the MSX with a promo demo. Developed over several years, this game has the essence of classic oldschool MSX games with a very strong inspiration

Super Mario Bros 3 - A New Journey - 8 newly themed worlds to explore in a NES classic [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

Either you've been living in a cave or stuck on some far off island waiting for rescue, there's probably not one person on this Earth who hasn't heard the name Mario, or more especially the legendary classic Super Mario Bros 3 by Nintendo on the NES, released way back in 1988-1991. One of the finest platformers ever that has lasted the test of time, is once again gracing our gaming screens as

SEGA classic Sonic the Hedgehog on the NES as a hack gets an improvement patch [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

Good afternoon you lovely people have I got some great news to brighten up your day! Remember last month when I announced with a big article, SEGAs classic Sonic the Hedgehog but released on the NES as a hack by JABU. Well you'll be pleased to know after some negative feedback regarding the music, not only has there been a music improvement patch done by Ti, but there has also been a graphical

Super Metroid (SNES) [Retro Treasures] [[source]]

One of the best SNES games ever, and a stunning entry to the Metroid saga, Super Metroid is an absolutely necessary game for Super Nintendo collectors and gamers. You can bid on a finely preserved, fully working, PAL cartridge of the game on eBay.
Seller ships only within the UK.

RETRO.HK 2016: Hong Kong’s Retro Gaming Fair [Australian Retro Gamer] [[source]]

RETRO.HK, the Hong Kong event for retro video games, will hold its 2016 fair at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design – Jockey Club Innovation Tower. The free public event will open its doors on December 10th (Saturday) and 11th (Sunday) at the podium floor of the Innovation Tower, from 10am to 6pm. […]

Wizard's Dominion - Lost early C64 RPG gets new release [ Update ] [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

Wizards Dominion was a popular graphic adventure written for the first 16 bit home computer the Texas Instruments TI 99/4A in 1982, and ported to C64 in 1983. Until now you'd only find the Texas version to download online, but thanks to Genesis Project the game has been rescued and is available now on CSDB. The game is a Pseudo 3D isometric turn based RPG. Explore the caves to find the

Phoenix – emulation of the Amstar arcade game [Octoate - The Amstrad CPC] [[source]]

Phoenix is a Space Invaders like arcade game written by Amstar in 1980 directly for an arcade machine. Norbert Kehrer thought that it would be possible to emulate this machine on the Amstrad CPC with the Z80, so he wrote an emulator, which uses the ROM of the arcade game and emulates the complete machine including the graphics and sound hardware. Besides some smaller bugs, which he wants to fix in the future, it runs fine on the Amstrad CPC.
You can download the latest version of the game from his homepage.

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Defender of the Crown - Extended Collector's Edition by Cinemaware Retro - Unboxed! [Indie Retro News] [[source]]

When I was a teen in the 90's I was a massive fan and collector of the Cinemaware line up on the Amiga such as Defender of the Crown, It Came from the Desert and my all time favourite Wings. But even though a remastered edition of Wings was later released on the PC through a successful Kickstarter campaign, I have still been eagerly awaiting the collectors edition of the Defender of the Crown

C64 Big Game Pack: Zombi Terror +DGMW / Donkey Kong + (X2016) … [nIGHTFALL] [[source]]

Some new games or tools (Cracked / Trained or Unrealeased) for Commodore 64 have been released from your favorites groups. Titles: Jack the Ninja Preview Super Stardust Preview Let’s Invade Preview + Zombie Preview + Zombi Terror +DGMW Scary Monsters +3DH Bugs Bunny Preview +4 Donkey Kong + (X2016 Version) Donkey Kong FranticTen Let’s Invade! [...]